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What division is Masconomet football?

What division is Masconomet football?

Final Massachusetts MaxPreps Top 25 – Mitch Stephens Knights finish off 12-0 season with MIAA Division 2 title with 42-18 win over King Philip Regional.

What division is Swampscott High School football?

MIAA Division 5
Swampscott (MIAA Division 5 Final)

What division is Masco HIgh school hockey?

Masco #2 in Boston Globe’s Division 2 HIgh School Power Rankings.

Why is it called Swampscott?

The name, Swampscott, is of Native American origin, most probably from M’sqiompsk meaning red rock. It then became M’squompskut, for the phrase at Red Rock because of the red granite outcroppings that were visible to those offshore.

Is Swampscott MA wealthy?

The population was 15,111 as of the 2020 United States Census. A former summer resort on Massachusetts Bay, Swampscott is today a fairly affluent residential community and includes the village of Beach Bluff, as well as part of the neighborhood of Clifton.

How is Swampscott pronounced?

Swampscott, pronounced swamp-scutt, is among the more difficult town names in the state to pronounce, according to a recent article outlining the phonetics and origins of 30 Massachusetts towns.

Is Swampscott a nice town?

Swampscott is in Essex County and is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. Living in Swampscott offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Swampscott there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

What is Swampscott known for?

From its fishing interests, Swampscott reached worldwide status as the place where Ebenezer Thorndike invented the lobster pot in 1808 to revolutionize lobster harvesting.

What is Swampscott named after?

at the red rock
According to an early twentieth century source, the name “Swampscott” is variously said to mean “at the red rock”, “broken waters”, or “pleasant water place”. Swampscott was first settled by Europeans in 1629, as the eastern part (Ward One) of Lynn, and was set off and officially incorporated in 1852.

Where did the name Swampscott come from?

Swampscott, Massachusetts, is a beautiful and tranquil seaside community of approximately 15,000 residents located 15 miles northeast of Boston along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. The name, Swampscott, is of Native American origin, most probably from M’sqiompsk meaning red rock.

Who lives in Swampscott MA?

Swampscott is a very homogenous town, with over 97% of the population being Caucasian, with a very small Hispanic population, consisting of 3% of Swampscott’s population.