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What do I need to put in my EPQ presentation?

What do I need to put in my EPQ presentation?

There are six central pieces of content that you should include in your presentation, which include the following:

  1. What your EPQ topic was about.
  2. The reasons behind your topic.
  3. Your aims and objectives.
  4. Research covered.
  5. What lessons you’ve learned.
  6. How it will impact your future.

Do you have to do a presentation for EPQ?

At the end of an Extended Project Qualification, all candidates need to present their work. This is part of the assessment and – yes – it is absolutely compulsory. The presentation needs to last for ten minutes, followed by five to ten minutes of questions (which we’ll talk about in more detail below).

How many people get a * on EPQ?

As of June 2017, 97.7% of people taking EPQs achieve an E grade or better. This sounds good, but there are a few hidden factors that you might not be aware of. For one, only 17.7 % of students achieved an A* for their EPQ.

How do I structure my EPQ?

9 steps to write your EPQ essay

  1. Come up with an idea.
  2. Write down everything you know about the subject.
  3. Think of a question.
  4. Research the topic.
  5. Remember to reference your sources.
  6. Create subsections.
  7. Write an introduction and a conclusion.
  8. Ask for feedback.

How many UCAS points is EPQ worth?

28 Ucas points
Ucas points and your EPQ An EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is worth half an A-level: 28 Ucas points for an A*, 24 points for an A and so on. It can be a great way to boost your points.

How many marks is the EPQ presentation worth?

The presentation is part of the EPQ and counts towards the “Review” section of the project which is worth 20% of the overall grade.

How do you get top grade in EPQ?

Higher marks go to students that pick topics they know very little about, and can prove that they learned a lot in their EPQ, that it helped their development. In regards to the third point, sources should make up the bulk of your EPQ. Sources are absolutely vital, and an EP without one cannot get a high grade.

What are the best topics to do an EPQ on?

EPQ ideas for Secondary School Teaching

  • Should school start and end later for teenagers?
  • Why students should never have to ask to go the bathroom.
  • Could a four day school week improve mental health among secondary school students?
  • Is the secondary school curriculum creative enough?

How long should my EPQ evaluation be?

For all other outcomes the written component should be approximately 1,500 to 2,500 words. Any written work must be of sufficient length to explore the issues but at the same time demonstrate skills of structuring, using an appropriate style and form of writing and using appropriate terminology.

Does Oxford care about EPQ?

Extended Project Qualifications (EPQ) Where applicants have undertaken the EPQ, this will not be a condition of any offer but the University recognises that the EPQ will provide an applicant with the opportunity to develop research and academic skills relevant for study at Oxford.

Do Cambridge care about EPQ?

The EPQ is seen as a useful qualification by Cambridge but is not currently part of any offers and a “poor” mark won’t disadvantage you. You can use the SAQ to mention that it was school policy to do the EPQ if you want to. Bottomline, a B (or C) in an EPQ doesn’t matter.

How to write an EPQ presentation?

EPQ Presentation Add EPQ Title Here 2. EPQ Outline • Add an outline of what the EPQ is about here 3. Research • Add here research that you have undertaken – include primary and secondary research 4. Analysis of Findings • Please add here any comments you can make on your research findings 5.

What was the main focus of your EPQ?

The main focus of my EPQ was on the topic of social media. The project is about what are the advantages and disadvantages of social media and does one outweigh the other.

What do students worry about when it comes to EPQs?

However, whilst these life skills are perhaps the most formidable element of the EPQ, the thing that students worry about most is a different one. That, understandably, is the presentation that comes at the end of whole procedure. What, you have to create a presentation on something that you actually like? That’s right.

How can I demonstrate the value and validity of my EPQ?

In your presentation, you can demonstrate the value and validity of your inquiry by showing the clear links between your EPQ and your future career or university degree choices, and how this project has impacted them.