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What do I need to start soldering jewelry?

What do I need to start soldering jewelry?

What you need to get started soldering jewelry:

  1. Kiln brick, charcoal block or a ceramic honeycomb block.
  2. Microflame butane torch.
  3. Cooling cup with tweezers.
  4. Soldering pick.
  5. Silver solder paste.
  6. Penny Brite, pickling components.

Do you need a special soldering iron for silver?

CAN I SOLDER STERLING SILVER WITH A SOLDERING IRON? A soldering iron will not be suitable for soldering sterling silver. You will need to use a gas torch to achieve the correct temperature.

What kind of torch is used for silver soldering?

An ordinary household propane or butane torch will work, but even better is one of the new torches that burn MAPP gas. Most hardware stores have them. They burn much hotter than ordinary torches, which makes silver soldering go faster and easier. Use silver solder like ordinary solder.

What is the best flux for silver solder?

Handy Flux is used for easy and medium soldering (solder that melts at a lower temperature) of gold and silver. It can also be diluted with distilled water if it’s too thick. You can buy this from Amazon in 7 oz, 1/2 lb, and 1 lb jars.

What tools do you need to solder?

Best Soldering Equipment

  1. Soldering Station.
  2. Soldering Iron.
  3. Soldering Gun.
  4. Desoldering Station.
  5. Soldering Pencil.
  6. Butane Soldering Iron.
  7. Solder.
  8. Solder Flux.

Can you solder sterling silver with regular solder?

Can you solder sterling silver? Yes, you can solder sterling silver, similar to other pure jewelry metals like gold, copper, and silver, as long as you have the right tools and materials.

Can you silver solder with a Bernzomatic torch?

Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo shows that you can easily create your own one-of-a-kind stamped solder pendants yourself with a Bernzomatic torch, a rubber stamp, silver solder, and copper wire. Wood-mounted rubber craft stamps help protect your fingers from hot solder.