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What do the 30 Seconds to Mars symbols mean?

What do the 30 Seconds to Mars symbols mean?

It is encircled by the name of the band and their motto “Provhito in Altum” (meaning “Launch forth into the deep” in Latin).

Why did 30 Seconds to Mars break up?

In March, the band tweeted a statement saying Tomo was “taking a break from tour to deal with some personal matters.” We wanted to let you know that Tomo is taking a break from tour to deal with some personal matters. Thank you for respecting his privacy at this time.

Is 30 Seconds to Mars done?

Thirty Seconds To Mars will “absolutely” be releasing a new album soon according to frontman Jared Leto. Though he’s also been busy shooting new scenes as the Joker in the upcoming Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, Jared Leto has revealed he’s spent a lot of time focussing on new music over the past year.

What does Jared Leto’s triangle tattoo mean?

1. Alchemy Triangles in both Forearms. Tattoo: Alchemy triangles. Meaning: Jared has two alchemy triangles inked on his back of both forearms. The tattoos are geometrical and are the alchemy symbol for air.

What tattoos does the Joker have?

The Smiles Leto’s Joker has three tattoos of toothy smiles; one on his right forearm, his left hand, and his stomach. He uses the left-hand grin to hide his own smile during one scene, suggesting the tattoos are to hide his own insecurity over Batman smashing out his real teeth.

What is written on Jokers forehead?

In the 2016 DC film, Leto’s character has many tattoos, including the word “damaged” on his forehead. As it turns out, the ink is a nod to a previous encounter between the Joker and Batman, during which Batman knocks out the Harlequin of Hate’s teeth in an attempt to get revenge for Robin’s killing.

What tattoo is on Harley Quinn’s face?

The most noticeable is that Quinn no longer has a “rotten” tattoo plastered on one side of her face. The large tattoo resided along Quinn’s jawline in both 2016’s “Suicide Squad” and 2020’s “Birds of Prey.” How the “rotten” tattoo appears in both “Suicide Squad” and “Birds of Prey.” Warner Bros.