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What do the Black Flag bars mean?

What do the Black Flag bars mean?

It’s probably the most recognized logo in all of punk rockdom, four simple black bars that represent the waving of a black flag, signifying attack rather than surrender. You could easily call it a marketing success story, though marketing is the antithesis of what the band stood for.

Is Black Flag band good?

In the early 1980s, Black Flag were one of the best bands in the world. Black Flag weren’t just a band – they were an art project, a movement, an ethos, a way of being. But Black Flag are no longer Black Flag. The storied hardcore punk group are now just a bitter parody.

What is Black Flag best album?

The best album credited to Black Flag is Damaged which is ranked number 848 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 2,195. Black Flag is ranked number 543 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 3,380.

Should I get a Black Flag tattoo?

A black flag design can be an important piece for you, whether you are fan of punk or not. It can be a statement piece for you if you are an activist, someone who fights for what you believe in, or just an all-around anarchist. “If a white flag means surrender, a black flag represents anarchy.” – Raymond Pettibon.

What does a four bar tattoo mean?

The four bar, Black Flag tattoo is the one you are going to see 90% of the time. The logo was designed by Ginn’s brother and stated that if a white flag represents surrendering to your enemy, the black flag is a symbol of never backing down and anarchy.

How many records did Black Flag sell?

Black Flag’s no-budget guerrilla touring plowed a circuit for punk bands, and helped make it America’s most important punk band. Boston’s perfectionist first album, full of double-tracked big-melody hooks — it has sold more than 17 million units in the United States — was mostly recorded in Mr.

What does black bars tattoo mean?

Traditionally, a solid black armband tattoo can represent the loss of a loved one. After all, black is the color of death and mourning. The shape effectively symbolizes the act of wearing the memory of the deceased on your sleeve.

What is the Black Flag tattoo?

The Black Flag tattoo is a symbol of fandom and loyalty. It might also represent what the band believed in when the person got the tattoo. All in all, when someone gets this tattoo, they are using to show respect and admiration for one of their favorite bands.