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What do you call a lumber factory?

What do you call a lumber factory?

A sawmill (saw mill, saw-mill) or lumber mill is a facility where logs are cut into lumber.

What are the different types of sawmills?

The two main types of sawmills are stationary mills and mobile or portable mills. They range in size from large-scale fixed structures mounted on foundations down to small productions either trailered or truck-mounted. Both sawmill types have designs tailored to their intended production.

What is a Scragg mill?

In simple terms, a scragg mill is a sawmill, often fairly simple in concept, that converts small logs into pallet cants. Many just cut slabs off either two or four sides to make either two-sided or four-sided cants. The slabs are either ground into wood fiber or further processed into pallet stock.

What is the synonym of sawmill?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sawmill, like: , malting, tannery, , washery, portable mill, factory, lumbermill, paper-mill, mill and lumber mill.

What’s the difference between a lumber mill and a sawmill?

Also called a sawmill, a lumber mill can range from a large manufacturing plant to a small, simple, hand-operated machine with a blade that can cut long sections of wood and plane them into flat pieces.

What do you call someone who saws wood?

Definition of sawyer a person who saws wood, especially as an occupation. Also called sawyer beetle.

What jobs are there in a lumber mill?

In the lumber mill they saw and cut the logs into various widths and lengths. Some workers may prepare rough lumber for industrial use. Other workers prepare lumber for dispatch to planing or plywood mills. Because lumber mills are sometimes called sawmills, lumber mill workers may be called sawmill workers.

What does the word sawmill mean?

Definition of sawmill : a mill or machine for sawing logs.

What is a sawmill used for?

A sawmill works by cutting logs into lumber using large bandsaw blades. The same process is repeated over and over, log by log, to produce high-volumes of rough cut lumber.

What is a Buckers?

bucker in American English 1. a horse that bucks. 2. a person who bucks rivets.