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What do you feed peacock bass?

What do you feed peacock bass?

Peacock bass regularly go after tiny fish. Some of the kinds of tiny fish they feed on include bluegill, threadfin shad and mosquito fish, for starters. They sometimes eat other kinds of cichlids. Youngsters frequently eat shrimp.

What do you feed peacock bass fry?

Peacock bass have a large mouth and aggressive appetite. They will attempt to eat fish, rodents and insects that nearly match their own size. The bass are not particularly choosy eaters but they do prefer live food. The fry will eat pellets but feeding worms, shrimp, fish and even rodents to large fish is acceptable.

Can you keep peacock bass as pets?

Surprisingly, Peacock Bass aren’t especially difficult to keep in captivity. However the main limitation is something you really have to plan for; these are not impulse purchases! And that factor is aquarium size. Adult size can vary quite a bit, depending on the sex and species.

Can peacock bass live in cold water?

Peacocks, which are native to tropical fresh waters of South America, have a genetic intolerance to cold. Their populations will not tolerate sustained water temps below 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can peacock bass live in brackish water?

They ONLY do freshwater waters and do not do well in saltwater water with salinity (salt) where saltwater mixes with freshwater. Peacock Bass are also very particular about brackish or, in general, the quality of the water, the water temperature, and currents.

How big do peacock bass get in aquarium?


Cichla ocellaris
Common Names Tucunare, Pavon
Size Up to 30 inches
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Semi-aggressive, predatory

What is the lifespan of a peacock bass?

Average lifespan for the Butterfly Peacock Bass is 6–10 years.

Will peacock bass eat worms?

Peacock bass in South Florida prefer live fish and fish imitating baits often used by largemouth bass anglers, but they rarely hit plastic worms commonly used to catch largemouths.

What do Peacock fish eat?

Diet and Feeding Provide a combination of high quality fish food flakes, live or frozen brine shrimp, algae wafers, and vegetables like blanched spinach and lettuce. Feed a pinch of food to peacock cichlids two or three times per day, ensuring enough food is available for two minutes of eating.

What do peacock bass eat?

Suitable commercial foods for Peacock Bass include: blood worms, pellet foods, food sticks, frozen meaty foods like krill, silver sides or similar fare. Peacock Bass will also consume a variety of dead meaty foods like raw shrimp, raw fish and other meaty items.

What is a butterfly peacock bass?

Butterfly Peacock Bass are ambush hunters who prefer slightly calmer waters where they can find cover near plants, drift wood or rocky formations to lay in wait for prey items.

How long do peacock bass live?

The peacock bass (Cichla ocellaris) is an apex predator in the fish world that has become quite popular among aquarium hobbyists. This fish lives for 8-10 years and, at times, longer in captivity under the right conditions and over fifteen years in the wild. The bass is technically a cichlid that has diurnal instincts.

What is peacock bass filtration?

Peacock Bass are large fish that eat equally large meals, thus excellent filtration is required to remove the excess food and waste products produced from such a large species.