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What does a Volus look like?

What does a Volus look like?

As the volus are never seen outside of their protective suits, little else is known about their appearance and physiology. It has been noted, however, that volus have cloacae, a trait they share with the salarians. Their saliva looks coppery-blue under standard environments, and they’re capable of spitting said fluid.

Are adepts good in me3?

An Adept can make surprisingly good use of a shotgun due to their wide array of powers that disable enemies (especially if one takes Stasis as their bonus power), as well as their ability to effectively put down enemies at long range without gunfire via Biotic Detonations.

How tall is volus Mass Effect?

2 feet
Height: The average height of the volus is just under 2 feet. Weight: Most of the weight of the volus comes from their suit as well as the containers they hold to maintain the lifesupport within the suit. Normally a volus, even with thier odd roundness is only 100 pounds without armor. Speed: 10 ft.

Is adept a good class?

The Adept is a Versatile Class For players who are looking to deal some damage and also support their squad members in Mass Effect, the Adept is a good, versatile choice of class. In Mass Effect 3 specifically, the versatility of the Adept is bolstered even further.

Why are volus in suits?

Volus Biology The Volus homeworld of Irune was ammonia-based with a high-pressure atmosphere, so in order to survive outside of that environment, Volus must wear their suits. The “normal” air found in other places, like the Citadel, combined with a low pressure atmosphere will actually cause their skin to split open.

How good is adept in Mass Effect?

While some players will prefer the likes of the Vanguard in Mass Effect for its combination of gunplay and abilities, the Adept is a perfect choice for some gamers. Adepts provide excellent offense, enemy debilitation, and synergy with other classes.