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What does baffle box construction mean?

What does baffle box construction mean?

Baffle box construction refers to a method in which duvets are made, where the shell is sewn in stitched squares, or pockets. Each of these closed pockets is stuffed with a uniform amount of down, and when air becomes trapped within the “wall” of each pocket it results in a fluffy, airy duvet.

What is baffle box construction in a duvet?

Whilst both baffle box construction and the sewn through construction duvets would have boxes to ensure the filling is evenly spread out and stays in place, the baffle box construction would have a thin strip/layer of material stitched between the top and bottom of the duvet.

What is the difference between baffle box and sewn through?

With a sewn-through comforter, the design is just what it sounds like. The two covers are sewn together, leaving pockets that hold the fill and keep it evenly distributed. With a baffle-box comforter, a thin strip of fabric is sewn between the two covers.

What is the best construction in a down comforter?

Baffle-box: Baffle-Box down comforter is easily the best construction style. The Baffle-Box down comforter utilizes the same basic concept as the box-stitched comforter; the down is constrained or contained in a small square compartment.

Why do comforters have squares?

Manufacturers do this by inserting thin strips of fabric vertically between the top and bottom layers of the comforter to create compartments for down or other stuffing. These compartments are basically cloth boxes to keep filling in its place.

How do you sew a baffle?

-Sew two pieces of fabric together at one edge parallel with baffles on the first piece of fabric. -Place second piece of fabric (now attached to first) under the needle and align each corresponding baffle from the first piece of fabric with the mark on the second piece of fabric. -Sew each baffle this way.

What is the highest quality goose down?

100% Hungarian goose down is considered the best down filling on the market. Super soft and super fine Hungarian goose down is a high-quality and comfortable bedding filling that provides ultimate heat insulation and lightweight comfort.

How do you pick a fluffy comforter?

The more space it takes; the higher the fill power. A higher fill power will give you a lighter, more fluffy comforter for a given warmth level. Fill weight is the main driver of warmth. It is simply the number of ounces of down in a comforter.