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What does bring down the curtain mean?

What does bring down the curtain mean?

to bring an end to
Definition of bring down the curtain on : to bring an end to (something, such as a career) His injury brought the curtain down on his remarkable sports career.

What does lifted the curtain mean?

Begin or start
Also, lift the curtain. 1. Begin or start, as in It’s time to raise the curtain, guys—start shoveling. 2. Make something public, disclose.

How do you say open the curtains?

I use the term “open the curtains” to mean open them. However, you can say “undraw” instead.

What is the meaning of open the curtain?

To open a curtain in order to see or reveal what is behind it.

What is the meaning of the idiom cut and dried?

Definition of cut-and-dried : being or done according to a plan, set procedure, or formula : routine a cut-and-dried presentation.

What does draw curtains mean?

Block or conceal something
Block or conceal something. For example, Let’s draw the curtain over this matter; no one needs to know more.

Is it correct to say close the curtains?

Open and close are the usual terms. Draw is also used if the direction is clear. E.g. if the curtains are closed and you say “Will you draw the curtains?” then obviously you mean open them, and vice versa.

Why do you say draw the curtains?

It means to pull the curtains shut or open. I don’t take it usually to mean shut, because I draw the curtains every morning when we get up and every night when we go to bed.

Is draw the curtains an idiom?

draw the curtain on (something) 1. To cease doing something; to bring something to an end. No one is coming to the party; let’s just draw a curtain on it and go home. The senator, now 83, draws a curtain this Friday on her illustrious career in politics.

What does Amor Vivendi mean?

Meaning “way of life”, Gucci X Disney’s Amor Vivendi sweatshirt is an ode to never growing up.

What does mutatis mutandis mean?

with the necessary changes having been made
Definition of mutatis mutandis 1 : with the necessary changes having been made. 2 : with the respective differences having been considered.