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What does Coleman Research do?

What does Coleman Research do?

What does Coleman do? Coleman Research is a leading expert network and brokerage of knowledge. We facilitate short-term consulting engagements between our clients – management consultancies, mutual funds, hedge funds and private equity firms – and experts across all industries.

Is Coleman Research a legitimate company?

Coleman Research is a legitimate international company that focuses on facilitating short-term consultations between business clients and qualified contracted advisors.

When was Coleman Research founded?

In 2003, Kevin Coleman founded Coleman Research to give investors a better way to access industry knowledge. Coleman helps thousands of clients get answers to their most critical questions, without leaving their desks.

How many employees does Coleman Research have?

Together with VQ, our network includes 400,000 senior-level experts in all regions and industries, with great depth in Information Technology. Clients have 24/7 coverage and support from dedicated teams in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Raleigh, and Los Angeles with more than 350 employees.

How do expert networks work?

Consequently, Expert Network DIY Marketplaces differ from other marketplaces: they apply algorithms to match client requests to experts (gig workers) on the marketplace. They typically do custom-recruiting of experts in addition, to keep the marketplaces updated and filled with highly specific experts.

What is the expert network industry?

Expert networks – companies that arrange phone calls between their clients and global authorities on everything from the renewable energy sector to Coca-Cola’s strategy in Germany – have created a multi-billion dollar industry.

What are the challenges faced in the expert network industry?

It is also difficult to track the performances of expert networks with your company, or with specific industries, geographies and service lines. Such opacity and lack of information are elements that hinder MCs and IPs from making the most informed choices of networks and experts for different types of projects.