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What does complexity meaning?

What does complexity meaning?

being difficult to understand
1 : the quality or condition of being difficult to understand or of lacking simplicity the complexity of a problem. 2 : something difficult to understand or lacking simplicity the complexities of business.

What is the meaning of complex in Oxford dictionary?

adjective. /kəmˈplɛks/ , /kɑmˈplɛks/ , /ˈkɑmplɛks/ 1made of many different things or parts that are connected; difficult to understand synonym complicated complex machinery the complex structure of the human brain a complex road system a complex argument/problem/subject.

What is an example of complexity?

The definition of a complexity is a difficulty, or a state of being confusing or complicated. Solving the problem of the war on drugs is an example of an issue of great complexity. The troubles that you have with your adult siblings are an example of the complexity of family relations.

What does complex mean in a sentence?

1 : not easy to understand or explain : not simple complex instructions. 2 : having parts that go together in complicated ways a complex invention. complex.

What does complexity of life mean?

A common idea of complexity is that complex things have a long complicated history, and that complexity must be understood in the context of processes in Nature generating systems with more parts, different parts, and special relations between various kinds of parts, forming a structure which must be described on …

What is complexity in academic writing?

Complexity: Academic writing is more complex. It has longer words with varied vocabulary and usually complicated grammar, compared to spoken language. Source publication.

Does complex mean difficult?

If a problem is complex, it means that it has many components. Complexity does not evoke difficulty. On the other hand, complicated refers to a high level of difficulty. If a problem is complicated, there might be or might not be many parts but it will certainly take a lot of hard work to solve.

What does complex mean in a person?

Complex people are curious, intelligent, and imaginative people who generally think outside of the box. Renowned psychologist Carl Jung defined a personality complex as a fixation around a set of ideas. This means that a complex personality is simply one that features many facets or levels.

Is complexity a characteristic of life?

All living things—even the simplest life forms—have a complex chemistry. Living things consist of large, complex molecules, and they also undergo many complicated chemical changes to stay alive.

Why is complexity important in writing?

If writing itself is characterized by complexity, and if complexity makes prediction difficult, then teaching writing—how to devise predictable strategies for affecting an audience, for example—becomes a difficult if not impossible task.

What is complex in features of academic text?

Complexity. Written language is relatively more complex than spoken language. Written language has longer words, it is lexically more dense and it has a more varied vocabulary. It uses more noun-based phrases than verb-based phrases.

What does complexity mean?

decision making will be easier even when pertaining to complex IT issues — and the adoption of solutions that can address modernization will happen that much more readily. It’s time to get back to basics in defining what modernization can mean to CIOs

What is complexity in psychology?

The number of parts (and types of parts) in the system and the number of relations between the parts is non-trivial – however,there is no general rule to separate

  • The system has memory or includes feedback;
  • The system can adapt itself according to its history or feedback;
  • What is another word for complexity?

    noun composite, aggregate noun psychological problem synonyms for complex Compare Synonyms complicated convoluted composite compound conglomerate manifold mosaic motley multiple multiplex circuitous compounded confused elaborate entangled heterogeneous knotty labyrinthine mingled miscellaneous mixed mixed-up multifarious multiform tangled tortuous

    What does complexity mean in English?

    complexity. noun. OPAL W. /kəmˈpleksəti/. /kəmˈpleksəti/. jump to other results. [uncountable] the state of being formed of many parts; the state of being difficult to understand. the increasing complexity of modern telecommunication systems.