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What does Escott mean?

What does Escott mean?

English: habitational name from any of various places called Eastcott (Wiltshire), Eastcotts (Bedfordshire), Eastcote (Greater London), or Eastcourt (Wiltshire), all named from Old English east ‘eastern’ + cot ‘cottage(s)’.

What is the meaning of spendy love?

English: nickname for someone who was free with his affections, from Middle English spend(en) ‘to spend or squander’ + love ‘love’.

Where does the last name spendlove come from?

Last name: Spendlove This interesting surname, of Anglo-Saxon origin, originated as a nickname for someone who was free with his affections, or generous with his love. The name is composed of the Olde English pre 7th Century elements “spendun” meaning to spend, employ lavishly or squander, plus “lufu”, love.

Is spendy a regional word?

“Spendy” Is Most Common in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest Clearly, “spendy” is common in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Since those regions are not contiguous, I first investigated whether there was some reason a lot of people would migrate from one region to the other.

Is spendlove a Welsh name?

What is Jeffing slang?

verb, slang To run, then walk, then run, and so on. A technique named after and popularized by Olympic runner Jeff Galloway. I decided to jeff the half-marathon, and I ended up getting a better time than I ever had before.

Where did the word spendy come from?

The exact origins of spendy are unclear, with some arguing that it evolved from a blend of the words expensive and trendy, and others believing it to be an adjectival play on spend (taking inspiration from e.g. pricey, a derivative of price which was first attested in 1932).

What is fing and Jeffing?

Refering to the act of swearing as “Effing and jeffing” is common in Northern England. Reply. Chris Walsh. September 27, 2012 at 9:50 am. The term “effing and blinding” is occasionally used as a polite reference to cursing in general.

How do you run Jeff?

An example of the Jeffing method would be a two-minute run interval followed by 30 seconds of walking before another two-minute run interval. This can also be utilized for distances, so run 0.25 mile, walk 0.10 mile and then run 0.25 mile again.

What is a Spendie?

Definition of spendy chiefly Northwestern US : expensive.

What Jeffing means?

Jeffing is a term that refers to the run/walk coaching technique founded by Jeff Galloway in 1973. Galloway is an Olympian and competed as part of the 1972 US Olympic Team in the 10km event. Put simply, Jeffing is a run-walk technique similar to intervals or ‘fartlek’ (the Swedish word for ‘speedplay’) training.