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What does fully obstructed balcony mean?

What does fully obstructed balcony mean?

A fully or partially obstructed view balcony is a cabin that has some sort of obstruction blocking your view – and the particular item in your way varies by ship and category. It is usually a lifeboat located above, below or directly in front of your cabin.

What is an obstructed balcony on a cruise ship?

What does an obstructed ocean view or balcony stateroom mean on a cruise ship? This means that there is something partially blocking your view from the window or balcony. Typically, it’s a lifeboat, deck equipment, or simply part of the ship.

What does an obstructed view mean on a cruise ship?

A. An obstruction is something the blocks a proportion of the direct outward view from a stateroom. This is typically due the position of lifeboats or the outer structure of the ship. Please view our deck plans on our website to determine if your stateroom has an obstructed view.

Is obstructed view worth it?

Obstructed View Cabins Often Have Good Locations Some people do care more about the location than they do the view from the balcony. So if you’re somebody like that, getting an obstructed view in the middle can be a really good way to get that location that you want, but without paying the premium price.

What do obstructed view mean?

What does obstructed view mean? It means you’ll be unable to see the entire stage from those seats. You’ll have either an incomplete view because of the position of the seats, or something will be in your line of sight – like a pole, speakers, or the sound board.

Do any staterooms have obstructed views Why?

You will also find that some cruise ships have obstructed view staterooms where the obstruction is not caused by safety equipment, but by the design of the ship itself. In some cases, the cabins will be obstructed simply because the ship has been structured in a specific way.

Is there a Starbucks on Norwegian Getaway?

Norwegian Cruise Line first added licensed Starbucks store on Norwegian Bliss in 2018. NCL later added it on the ships Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Sky, Norwegian Getaway, and Norwegian Encore.

What is the difference between limited view and obstructed view?

If tickets are marked as an “obstructed” or “limited” view, the venue has determined that those seats do not have a full view of the stage, field, court, ice, etc.

Why does my ticket say obstructed view?

How big is a Norwegian Getaway club balcony suite?

On Norwegian Getaway, the Club Balcony Suite category was introduced on November 12. Handicap (wheelchair-accessible) balcony staterooms sizes vary (370-470 ft2 / 34-44 m2, including the veranda). Handicap (wheelchair-accessible) oceanview staterooms category O1 size is 320 ft2 / 30 m2.

What does a NCL studio cabin look like?

Each Studio is fitted with a full-size bed (sized 54×74 inches / 140-190 cm), wardrobe, drawers, mirrored vanity table with chair, en suite bathroom (glass door, window, WC-toilet, shower, washbasin), a small window (looking to the corridor). NCL’s Studio cabins are designed for solo travelers.

Do any of the mini-suites have bathtubs?

Many of the Family Mini-Suites (near kids facilities) have bathtubs. NCL Getaway Spa cabins (36 Balcony, 20 Mini Suites, 16 Haven Spa Suites) are on Deck 14, located adjacent to the spa/fitness complex. Guests in these category rooms enjoy complimentary Thermal Spa Suite access and amenities (plush bathrobes,…