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What does Guy Martin do for a living?

What does Guy Martin do for a living?

Motorcycle Racer
AuthorTelevision presenterAuto mechanic
Guy Martin/Professions

Does Guy Martin still work?

Still works as a lorry mechanic, servicing and MOT work for a haulage company. Guy started road racing on motorbikes in 2003, he still races in Classic and odd ball events.

Who is Guy Martin partner?

Sharon ComiskeyGuy Martin / Partner

What age is Guy Martin?

40 years (November 4, 1981)Guy Martin / Age

Is Guy Martin Rich?

Guy has amassed a small fortune during his career. As of 2021, he has an estimated worth of £1.5million.

What nationality is Guy Martin?

BritishGuy Martin / Nationality

How did Guy Martin meet Sharon Comiskey?

Sharon Comiskey is an Irish publisher currently living in the UK. She is believed to have met Guy Martin in 2010 at a moped race in Ireland, at which time she was reported to have been working for a publishing company in Dublin.

Is Guy Martin still TT?

Regarded as the best rider never to have won at the Isle of Man TT, Guy Martin has ruled out a return to the Mountain Course. Guy Martin last rode at the Isle of Man TT in 2017 during a short-lived racing comeback with Honda.

Who is Guy Martin’s dad?

Ian MartinGuy Martin / Father

What does Guy Martin do now?

He has since presented programmes on various engineering topics and the Channel 4 series Speed with Guy Martin when he set speed records in a variety of human and engine powered vehicles. He has authored four books, and competed in mountain bike pedal-cycle races.

Will Guy Martin attempt 400MPH land speed record?

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What is the top speed of Guy Martin?

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Will Martin compete at the Southern 100 motorcycle races?

It was hoped that Martin would be participating at the Southern 100 motorcycle races, defending his solo title and increasing the event’s profile. However following his participation in the Tour Divide it was subsequently announced that Martin would not be competing at the Southern 100.