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What does it mean to be a Gold Microsoft Partner?

What does it mean to be a Gold Microsoft Partner?

A Microsoft Gold partner is a partner committed to earning the highest level of company customer care and collaborative relationship with Microsoft.

What do you need to be a Microsoft Gold partner?

How to become a Microsoft Gold Partner

  1. Select your Partner offer.
  2. Earn your Gold Competencies.
  3. Submit five customer references.
  4. Pay the annual subscription fee.
  5. Enhance your go-to-market offering.
  6. Strengthen your position in the market.
  7. Improve your knowledge and skills.
  8. Access the latest news and ongoing support.

What is the highest level of Microsoft partner?

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Microsoft Certified Training Partner levels Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is the highest level of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program. These firms have free access to the tools and support they need from Microsoft.

What is Microsoft’s competitive advantage?

Key Takeaways. Microsoft has what Warren Buffett calls a strong moat: competitive advantages that protect it from rivals and enable its large profits. Microsoft’s intellectual property—specifically, its patents and proprietary software code—contribute to the depth of its moat.

What are Microsoft’s key resources?

Microsoft’s key resources consist of:

  • Intellectual property.
  • Proprietary technology.
  • Data centers.
  • Servers.
  • Human resources.
  • Bill Gates.

What can I do with a Microsoft gold competency?

Learn more about how to go-to-market with Microsoft. Attaining a gold competency gives you the opportunity to pursue and add more advanced specializations to your portfolio. Advanced specializations help you showcase your growing expertise to customers. Learn more about advanced specializations.

What are the benefits of attain a gold competency?

Attain a gold competency to demonstrate your best-in-class capability within a Microsoft solution area. Attaining a competency can also be an entry to further benefits and opportunities:

How do I See my competencies in Microsoft Partner Center?

How to see My Competencies in Microsoft 1 Sign in to the Partner Center dashboard . 2 Under the MPN section on the Partner Center menu, select Competencies . 3 Select the competency name and specific competency option to view details. You can see what you have completed and you can also see the full See More….

What is the difference between silver and gold membership competency?

To acquire silver or gold membership competency, you are asked to demonstrate expertise in various areas of business and technology. Silver and gold competency levels have different requirements for each of the areas. Within each area are classes and exams that employees in your company can take to achieve the competency level you want.