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What does ktex mean?

What does ktex mean?


Mercedes, Texas
First air date 1975
Former call signs KDUV-FM (1975–1983) KTXF (1983–1990)
Call sign meaning TEXas

What happened to KTEX?

FM 100 KTEX will lose one of our own… After 25 years of service to the Rio Grande Valley, The Patchman will be retiring from radio at the end of this year. His last day with us will be Tuesday December 31, 2019.

What happened to patches from KTEX?

Former KTEX/McAllen MD/Morning Host James ‘Patches’ Paczkowski Has Died.

What is Kilotex?

Kilotex is a textile measurement unit. Kilotex is a multiple of textile unit tex. One kilotex is equal to 1000 tex.

What is EPI and PPI?

For a newbie, EPI stands for Ends per inch and PPI stands for Picks per inch. Where Ends is known as Warps and Pick are known as weft yarn. Being a merchant and sourcing professional, if you don’t know how to find EPI and PPI yourself you may need to send fabric sample to the testing lab.

What does NM mean in yarn?


Term Definition
Metric yarns number [Nm] Length in meters per 1 gram of mass.
English cotton yarn number [Ne], [ECC] Number of 840 yards strands per 1 English pound of mass.
Wool runs Number of 1600 yards strands per 1 English pound of mass.

How do you find EPI?

Tabby / Plain Weave Tabby, or plain weave, EPI is WPI divided by 2. So if your yarn wraps at 24 wraps per inch, you will want 12 ends per inch in your warp to give space for your weft to pass.

How is Epi PPI calculated?

How to Find Fabric EPI and PPI by Yourself?

  1. Step 1: Collect fabric swatch. Collect fabric swatch for which you are going to find EPI and PPI.
  2. Step 2: Make a square of one sq. inch on the sample.
  3. Step 3: Count number of ends and Picks inside those squares.

What do yarn numbers mean?

The first number is the size of each ply that makes up the yarn. The second number is how many plies the yarn has. So 3/2 is two plies of size three yarn and 5/2 is two plies of size five yarn. The number that describes the size is larger the thinner the yarn. So size 5 yarn is thinner than size 3 yarn.

How do you read yarn count?

Say your package of cotton thread has a fraction of 3/2, for example. The top number tells you the size of your yarn and that it is three times the base measure or 3 x 840 = 2520 yards per pound. The bottom number is the number of plies, which here is 2 (2 ply).

What is PPI and EPI?

PPI: picks per inch, the number of weft threads in one inch of woven fabric. EPI: ends per inch, the number of warp threads in one inch of woven fabric. It is often used interchangeably with sett (see below) Sett: the distribution of warp ends in your fabric, usually over one inch (hence epi = sett).

What does EPI mean in yarn?

ends per inch
EPI stands for ends per inch. This indicates the ‘sett’, or spacing of the warp threads when weaving (i.e. the threads that run the length of the woven fabric).