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What does Sans say when you fight him?

What does Sans say when you fight him?

i know i can’t beat you. you’re just gonna kill me. so, uh. it’s not gonna BE your turn.

Can you skip the Sans fight?

Skipping Sans is pretty much finishing the game. He is the last boss and that’s all what you need to know. Just give it a couple tries and maybe even come back to check what else you can get versus him.

How old is Sans the skeleton?

Age Adult
Birthday April 1
Sex Male
Species Monster/Skeleton

How many endings are in Undertale?

Did you know Undertale had a grand total of 93 endings?

Does killer Sans have a soul?

(Most likely to stand out from other Sanses) Killer’s alternate attire has him wearing the Sans classic striped shorts and sweater but with an inverted color scheme, he still has his target-like soul.

Does Sans like Toriel?

Sans. Sans and Toriel do not meet in person until the end of a True Pacifist Route and the Family and Exiled Queen endings, where they both have become good friends. They started their friendship by telling jokes to each other through the door between the Ruins and Snowdin.

Who is Sans in Undertale?

you are REALLY not going to like what happens next. Sans is a supporting character and the Genocide route’s final boss in the video game; Undertale . He is one of the guards of Snowdin Village.

How does Sans use his powers?

During a battle, Sans will often teleport his opponent, himself, and his attacks, not only moving out of harm’s way but moving his foe into the path of a new attack. He has also shown the ability to restrain an enemy by repeatedly warping them back to their initial position. Sans’ Steam card art. Sans’s left eye flashing.

Is sans the easiest enemy in the game?

Despite his exceedingly laid-back attitude and status as “the easiest enemy”, Sans has proven himself to be extremely observant and dangerous when pushed too far, becoming the final challenge Frisk faces on the Genocide Route and arguably the toughest opponent in the game.

Is Sans a genius or lazy?

While Sans is lazy, he’s shown to be a genius, both in a tactical and scientific sense, if his workshop is any indication. He was shown to somehow run reports analyzing alternate timelines, as well as built what was likely some sort of time machine, and also has 4th wall awareness