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What does Sheldon Cooper usually say?

What does Sheldon Cooper usually say?

Bazinga (spelled “Buzzinga” in the subtitles of DVD releases) is a word used by Sheldon Cooper to signal that what he said immediately before this utterance was to be taken as a joke. In later seasons, it becomes something of a catchphrase.

Why does Sheldon say 73 is the perfect number?

Leaving out the binary palindrome bit, Sheldon is basing his claim on 73 being the best number on two properties: (1) The Mirror Property: A number has the mirror property if it and its mirror (i.e., reverse the digits) are both prime, and their indices in the sequence of primes are also mirrors of each other.

What does 73 mean on Big Bang?

73 is Sheldon Cooper’s favorite number in The Big Bang Theory. He first expresses his love for it in “The Alien Parasite Hypothesis”. Jim Parsons was born in the year 1973. “The Alien Parasite Hypothesis” is the 73rd episode of The Big Bang Theory.

What means Buzzinga?

mean? Bazinga! It’s an interjection used to rub a good joke in someone’s face or cheer yourself on after a personal win, popularized as the catchphrase of the character Sheldon Cooper on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Are Sheldon and Missy twins?

Missy is the younger twin, confirmed in Young Sheldon. She finally reappeared in the season 11 finale, at Sheldon and Amy’s Wedding. This was her only physical appearance of her and her actress Courtney Henggeler in a decade.

What does Sheldon’s T shirt mean?

The colours include: red for anger, orange for greed, yellow for fear, green for courage and blue for hope.

What is Hello Bambino?

Where does bambino come from? Bambino means “little child” or “baby” in Italian. It is used to refer to boys, with bambina its female counterpart. Bambinos or bambini can refer to a group of children or babies.

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Why does Sheldon have 73 on his shirt?

Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory. The 73 reference is from Season 4, Episode 10 (The Alien Parasite Hypothesis), when Sheldon says “The best number is 73…. 73 is the twenty-first prime number. Its mirror, 37, is the twelfth and its mirror, 21, is the product of multiplying (hang on to your hats) 7 and 3….

What is the best Bazinga moment in the Big Bang theory?

The best bazinga moment is when Sheldon is diving in and out of the ball pit saying “Bazinga!” as Leonard tries to grab him. In this episode, Sheldon was overworked and exhausted. To simplify his problem, he went to a children’s play place and jumped in the ball pit.

Which ‘Big Bang theory’ characters are not funny?

Raj, Leonard, Howard, Penny, and Bernadette (Amy loves Sheldon too much to say he’s not funny) don’t care for Sheldon’s selfish ways, so none of his funny moments are found comical. RELATED: Which The Big Bang Theory Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

What happened in’the Big Bang theory’season 3?

One hilarious season three episode opens with Sheldon waking up in the morning to find a barely dressed Penny making pancakes and dancing around the kitchen to Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like A Woman.” Penny, clearly relishing in Sheldon’s confuse, invites him to dance along with her – which leads us to the hilarious moment quoted above.

Why does Sheldon say Bazinga when he jokes?

Sheldon’s dry sense of humor and naivety also makes it hard for his friends to even know when he’s making a joke. To help everyone around him, he started saying “Bazinga!” to let people know when he was kidding. Him saying “Bazinga” is the same thing as saying “just kidding,” but with a Sheldon twist.