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What does Tamil Nadu export?

What does Tamil Nadu export?

Tamil Nadu has been a traditional exporter of vegetable, tanned leather, handloom fabrics, spices, curry powder and plantation products like tea, coffee and cinchona. Total exports from the State during 1967-68 were estimated at Rs 71 crores as against Rs 1,200 crores from the country as a whole.

What are the 5 major imports for India?

Imports The top imports of India are Crude Petroleum ($59B), Gold ($21.9B), Coal Briquettes ($20.9B), Diamonds ($15.8B), and Petroleum Gas ($13.8B), importing mostly from China ($64.2B), United States ($26.6B), United Arab Emirates ($22.1B), Saudi Arabia ($16.8B), and Iraq ($14.4B).

What is the trade of Tamil Nadu?

The exports from the Tamil country included pepper, pearls, ivory, textiles and gold ornaments, while the imports were luxury goods such as glass, coral, wine and topaz. The government provided the essential infrastructure such as good harbours, lighthouses, and warehouses to promote overseas trade.

What is Tamil Nadu known for?

In addition to the long history of the Tamil people, Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples, festivals, and celebration of the arts. The Hindu temples and monuments at Mamallapuram have become famous tourist attractions.

What does Tamil Nadu produce?

Tamil Nadu is the highest producer of bananas and coconuts in the whole country. It is also a leading state in production of other crops such as sugarcane, cotton, kambu, corn, rye, groundnut and oil seeds.

What does Tamil Nadu import?

Major imports of Tamil Nadu

  • Mineral fuel and mineral oil.
  • Electrical machinery equipment and spare parts.
  • Iron and steel and articles of iron and steel.
  • Natural and cultured pearls.
  • Organic chemicals.
  • Plastics and articles.
  • Vegetable fats and oil products.

What are the special things in Tamil Nadu?

Top 5 Things that are Famous in Tamil Nadu

  • 1/5. Sunrise in Kanyakumari. Sunrise in Kanyakumari.
  • 2/5. Dolls and Paintings in Thanjavur. Dolls and Paintings in Thanjavur.
  • 3/5. Kanchipuram for the Silks. Kanchipuram for the Silks.
  • 4/5. Marina Beach. Marina Beach.
  • 5/5. Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai. Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai.

Why is Tamil Nadu the best?

The state’s HDI is second among large states and socio – economic development status is much higher than the national average. With a population of 72 million, of which 80 per cent are literate, Tamil Nadu is an innovation – based economy with a strong performance in manufacturing and services.