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What does the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code mean for the construction industry?

What does the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code mean for the construction industry?

Internationally, code officials recognize the need for a modern, up-to-date energy conservation code addressing the design of energy-efficient building envelopes and installation of energy efficient mechanical, lighting and power systems through requirements emphasizing performance.

How often is IECC updated?

Every three years
Every three years, the International Code Council (ICC) goes through the process of updating the building codes outlined in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The IECC is the model energy code in the U.S., and updates to the 2021 edition were just finalized by the ICC.

What is an IECC certificate?

The IECC/HERS Compliance Specialist designation verifies competence in energy performance measurement and energy code proficiency. These certified specialists can supplement the work of jurisdictions facing resource constraints that affect their ability to conduct the necessary reviews.

Does IECC apply to residential?

The IECC addresses energy conservation requirements for all aspects of energy uses in both commercial and residential construction, including heating and ventilating, lighting, water heating, and power usage for appliances and building systems.

What is the Minnesota Energy Code for insulation?

The current Minnesota Energy Code, which went into effect on June 1, 2009, includes 1322.1102 IRC Section N1102.2.6, Building Thermal Envelope, Foundation wall insulation prescriptive option and N1102.2.6.12 Foundation wall insulation performance option (Minnesota Administrative Rules 2009).

What is the optimal insulation for foundation insulation?

Association members cited a report from the University of Minnesota conducted in 2005, which determined that, based on thermal requirements, optimal foundation insulation is R-10 (Goldberg and Huelman 2005).

What are the most common foundation insulation issues?

In regards to foundation insulation, cost versus energy savings, constructability, and durability are the top three issues. The durability concerns indicate a misunderstanding about the role of energy code. Stakeholder resistance to code change has centered on batt insulation and potential moisture issues.

How much does it cost to meet the R-value for foundation wall insulation?

Less than $1,000 was allocated to meeting the R-value for foundation wall insulation. Even though the cost of meeting the 2012 IECC for foundation insulation was only $1,000, there was considerable discussion about the foundation wall requirements in the new code.