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What does the phrase Cats in the Cradle mean?

What does the phrase Cats in the Cradle mean?

If someone says that the “cat’s in the cradle” with two people, they mean that something is disrupting their relationship. The phrase “Cat’s in the cradle” is often used to refer to situations in which one person has neglected another, or there is a total breakdown of communication.

Who sang Cats in the Cradle in the 90s?


Title Performer Release date
Cat’s in the Cradle Johnny Cash February 1990
Cats in the Cradle S’aint America 1991
Cats in the Cradle Ugly Kid Joe September 8, 1992
Cat’s in the Cradle Ricky Skaggs 1995

Did Cat Stevens cover Cats in the Cradle?

It has just been falsely renamed on p2p networks and such. Jim Croce never recorded this song. I’ve removed them, and Cat Stevens (again), per [1].

Who originally wrote cats in the cradle?

Harry Chapin
Sandra Chapin
Cat’s in the Cradle/Composers

Did Billy Joel wrote cats in the cradle?

‘Cat’s In The Cradle’ was written by Sandra Chapin Harry liked it so much he turned it into a song, saying it reminded him of his relationship with son Josh.

What happened Harry Chapin?

Harry Chapin, a folk-rock composer and performer active in many charitable causes, was killed yesterday when the car he was driving was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer on the Long Island Expressway in Jericho, L.I., the police said. He was 38 years old.

Is there a Ugly Kid Joe version of cats in the cradle?

Ugly Kid Joe version. In 1992, American hard rock band Ugly Kid Joe included a cover of the song, renamed “Cats in the Cradle” (without the apostrophe), on their debut album America’s Least Wanted. The cover was issued as a single in 1993 and peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100, the group’s highest position on that chart.

Is America’s least wanted a remake of cats in the cradle?

Stephen Thomas Erlewine from AllMusic noted the band’s “revamped” version of Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle”, in his review of America’s Least Wanted. ^ Shipments figures based on certification alone.

Is America’s least wanted Ugly Kid Joe?

America’s Least Wanted is the full-length debut album by American rock band Ugly Kid Joe, released in September 1992. The title is a parody of the famous phrase ” America’s Most Wanted “. It is the band’s only album to feature drummer Mark Davis.

What kind of song is Cat’s in the cradle?

“Cat’s in the Cradle”. Side-A label of the U.S. vinyl single. “Cat’s in the Cradle” is a 1974 folk rock song by Harry Chapin from the album Verities & Balderdash. The single topped the US Billboard Hot 100 in December 1974.