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What does Upstream on DNA mean?

What does Upstream on DNA mean?

Upstream is toward the 5′ end of the RNA molecule and downstream is toward the 3′ end. When considering double-stranded DNA, upstream is toward the 5′ end of the coding strand for the gene in question and downstream is toward the 3′ end.

What is upstream in DNA replication?

What is Upstream DNA. Upstream DNA is the DNA which occurs towards the 5′ end from a particular point on the DNA strand. Significantly, the term upstream DNA is used to describe the DNA which occurs towards the 5′ end from the transcription initiation site.

Where is upstream in DNA?

Upstream DNA Each DNA strand has both 5′ and 3′ ends. The region that lies towards the 5′ end of the DNA coding strand is termed upstream DNA. The coding strand is formed as complementary to the template strand. The position of the genetic code in the upstream region is marked with negative numbering.

What is meant by upstream and downstream in transcription?

Downstream (or 3′ to) is in the direction of transcription (or translation) whereas upstream (5′ to) is in the direction from which the polymerase (or ribosome) has come.

What is upstream gene variant?

upstream gene variant. A sequence variant located 5′ of a gene.

Is upstream positive or negative?

Distances downstream from (negative numbers) and upstream from (positive numbers) the mouth of Steel Creek at which largemouth bass were relocated in the Savannah River. Vertical bars represent the number of relocations at progressively greater distances.

Is promoter upstream or downstream?

A promoter is a region of DNA that generally is located upstream of a gene and facilitates and regulates its transcription.

Is upstream before or after?

Hi there – your understanding and terminology oxygen sensors – “upstream” and “downstream” are correct – upstream is between the engine and (before) the catalytic converter. Downstream is after the catalytic converter.

What’s the difference between upstream and downstream sensor?

The upstream sensor monitors the level of pollutants in the engine’s exhaust and sends this information to the ECU that continuously adjusts the air-fuel ratio. The downstream sensor measures the level of pollutants passing through the catalytic converter.

Are upstream and downstream sensors the same?

The upstream oxygen sensor is located before the catalytic converter and is used to help calculate the air fuel mixture, and is often referred to a air fuel sensor. The downstream sensor is a heated oxygen sensor and reads the emissions after the catalytic converter.

How do I know if upstream is downstream?

Downstream means towards where the flow ends, at the opposite end of the waterway from the source. If you are boating from Kingston to Toronto, for example, you are heading upstream. If you are going from Kingston to Cornwall, you are travelling downstream.