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What episode do Nezumi and Shion kiss?

What episode do Nezumi and Shion kiss?

episode 11
Nezumi kissed Shion in a romantic sense during episode 11, promising him that they would meet again.

What episode of No 6 Do they kiss?

In episode 11, before leaving, Nezumi gives Shion a quick kiss on the lips. He also straddles him again. However, there might be hope because Shion promises that he’ll meet Nezumi again at the end of the anime and novels.

Does Nezumi meet Shion again?

Do Nezumi and Shion ever reunite? (spoilers!) Alas; though Shion continues to wait, not even the novels shed light on this question. In the manga and the novels, Nezumi does promise that reunion will come, and as we know, Nezumi is said to never break a promiseā€¦

Is No. 6 a bl anime?

6 is not labeled as BL, because even in softer BL, actions are laced with sexual tension and there is no such thing happening in No. 6. It is because of this habit to expect sexuality that Asano took it upon herself to do make a queer series that breaks the romantic-sexual/platonic dichotomy.

Does No. 6 have a Season 2?

Despite its popularity, ‘No. 6’ is still not renewed for season 2. Fans have signed online petitions for another season of the anime. Sadly, their wishes remain ungranted.

Is Shion a boy?

Twelve-year-old Shion. Shion grew up as an elite member of the No. 6 society. He lived with his mother in an upscale home in Chronos until the age of 12, when he was stripped from his title for helping Nezumi, a fugitive, escape.

Does Rat Love Shion?

Where some anime create couples that seem to have all the romantic feelings but no gestures that would solidify them as a loving couple, there is no doubt that Shion and Rat are attracted to each other. Ultimately, Rat and Shion are a couple that makes each other better.

Does Rat love Shion?

Is No. 6 a sad anime?

It felt incredibly sad, almost like nostalgia. As cheesy as this sounds, my heart clenches when I hear it. Background music was very subtle, but added wonderfully to the overall feel.