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What episode does Kaylie kiss Austin?

What episode does Kaylie kiss Austin?

In “Party Gone Out of Bounds”, Austin invites the girls to a party at his new lake house. Despite Kaylie’s controlling behavior, the girls end up going, and Kaylie and Austin kiss.

Do Kaylie and Austin end up together?

Austin comes to apologize to Kaylie and the two reconcile. Kaylie then goes on to make the Olympic team along with Payson, Jordan, and Lauren. Kaylie dated Austin tucker in the end she picked him!

Who does Kaylie Cruz date in Make It or Break It?

Austin Tucker

Kaylie Cruz
Relationships: Carter Anderson (Ex-Boyfriend) Damon Young (Kissed) Austin Tucker (Boyfriend) Nicky Russo (Fake-Boyfriend)
Friends: Lauren Tanner (Best Friend) Payson Keeler (Best Friend) Emily Kmetko (Best Friend) Jordan Randall (Best Friend) Kelly Parker (Good Friends)

Who does Lauren end up with in Make It or Break It?

Lauren and Carter become close after he moves in, and he realizes that she is the one who has been there for him. They eventually get together, and are in a relationship.

What episode does Austin break up with Kaylie?

“Make It or Break It” Party Gone Out of Bounds (TV Episode 2010) – IMDb.

Who does Carter end up with in Make It or Break It?

Carter picked Lauren!!!!!!!!! Ehem. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… This season of Make It or Break It has been building up to some big moments, but last night’s season finale delivered some big moments, including the aforementioned, and set us up for a killer season 2.

Do Emily and razor get together?

Razor is Emily’s co-worker at The Pizza Shack, and he likes Emily. He tells Damon, his band mate and friend, to watch over Emily while he is gone on his tour and to not get together with her. While away, he sends Emily a postcard telling her he misses her. Damon and Emily, however, do end up getting together.

Who does Summer end up with on Make It or Break It?

But in the last episode of Season 2, when Summer kisses Sasha, he stops her from going too far and says that he didn’t want to affect her values and breaks up with her. At the beginning and during Season 3, you see that Summer gets back with Steve and seems to stay there with Lauren begging both of them to marry.

Who does summer end up with Make It or Break It?

Does Lauren end up with Carter?

He breaks up with Lauren after she steals Emily Kmetko’s floor routine.

What episode does Payson kiss Sasha?

Previouslys: Payson kisses Sasha.