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What happened at Fort Mifflin?

What happened at Fort Mifflin?

A Hessian attempt to storm Fort Mercer failed with heavy losses on October 22 in the Battle of Red Bank. Two British warships which had run aground near Mud Island were destroyed the next day….Siege of Fort Mifflin.

Date September 26 – November 16, 1777
Location Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Result British victory

Who won the Fort Mifflin?

Fort Mifflin, the focal point of the American Defense, came under an intense bombardment. After three weeks of fighting, the British finally conquered the forts but only after a surprising American defense.

Why was Fort Mifflin built?

Although Fort Mifflin was not constructed until 1771, plans for a fort on the Delaware to provide security began to unfold in 1626. The Swedish, Dutch and British all fortified the Delaware River from 1626 to 1774 and found a key defense point where the Delaware converged with the Schuylkill River near Mud Island.

Who was Fort Mifflin named after?

General Thomas Mifflin
It was a cold and wet November in 1777 at Fort Mifflin (Named after General Thomas Mifflin), a wood and stone structure located nine miles from center city Philadelphia, on a muddy island in the Delaware River.

What was the Battle of Fort Mifflin?

Fort Mifflin on Mud Island in the middle of the Delaware and Fort Mercer at Red Bank, New Jersey, together with river obstructions and a small flotilla under Commodore John Hazelwood prevented the Royal Navy from shipping provisions into the city.

Where is the real Fort Mifflin?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fort Mifflin, originally called Fort Island Battery and also known as Mud Island Fort, was commissioned in 1771 and sits on Mud Island (or Deep Water Island) on the Delaware River below Philadelphia, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia International Airport.

When was Fort Mifflin decommissioned?

The army decommissioned Fort Mifflin for active duty infantry and artillery in 1962. However, while the older portion of the fort was returned to the City of Philadelphia, a portion of the fort’s grounds are still actively used by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, making it the oldest fort in military use in the United States.

What is the Olde Fort Mifflin Historical Society?

Beginning in 1969, a local organization known as the Shackamaxon Society, later renamed the Olde Fort Mifflin Historical Society, hosted guided tours and living history programs. During the 1960s and 1970s, oversight of the Fort changed hands between local volunteers and the City.