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What happened during Superstorm Sandy?

What happened during Superstorm Sandy?

Superstorm Sandy, also called Hurricane Sandy or Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy, massive storm that brought significant wind and flooding damage to Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, and the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states in late October 2012.

Why was Superstorm Sandy so devastating?

But thirdly, what made Sandy so damaging was the timing of its landfall – the eye of the hurricane smashed into the Jersey coast at local high tide. On top of that, the moon that fateful night was full – leading to a higher than normal “spring tide”.

What is the difference between a hurricane and a superstorm?

A key difference between a superstorm and a hurricane is the weather involved. A superstorm often involves cold, non-tropical weather, while a hurricane can only occur in warm, tropical conditions. Superstorms are typically extratropical cyclones and they do not occur frequently – usually only once every few decades.

What made Hurricane Sandy in 2012 so unusual?

Pekar adds that Sandy was considered an unusual event, what many call a “perfect storm.” The collision of three elements contributed to Sandy’s severity: a powerful hurricane with the energy and moisture from above-normal sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean; an unusually shaped dip in the jet stream that …

How many people died from Superstorm Sandy?

233Hurricane Sandy / Total fatalities

What is a derecho When was the last one in WV?

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – June 29th, 2012 is a night many across West Virginia won’t soon forget. The infamous 2012 derecho moved through the heart of north-central West Virginia, knocking out power for over 670,000 people in the Mountain State.

Is a superstorm bigger than a hurricane?

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones whereas superstorms tend to be extratropical cyclones. The extratropical cyclones making up superstorms tend to be much larger than the tropical cyclones that are called hurricanes.