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What happened on last episode of Southland?

What happened on last episode of Southland?

April 17, 2013Southland / Final episode date

Was Southland Cancelled?

The series was renewed for a ten-episode fifth season which began airing February 13, 2013. In May 2013, TNT announced that Southland had been canceled after five seasons.

What happens to John Cooper in Southland?

In the Season 5 finale he is last seen after being shot multiple times by police officers after attacking his neighbour. Michael Cudlitz later said, “I didn’t die in that scene”. Cooper’s ultimate fate remains unknown.

How was Southland supposed to end?

The end of Sammy and Ben: When Sammy discovered Ben’s secret, the result was an electric scene that Shawn Hatosy will always remember. During filming, the director intended to cut between the dialogue and the physical altercation, but the actors were swept up in the moment and ended up completing it all in one take.

Why is Southland not in season 6?

The cable channel has decided to end the show after five seasons. The ratings took a serious hit in season five, dropping to 1.44 million viewers and a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Some of the cast booked pilots just in case but pledged to return if Southland ended up getting a sixth year.

Why is Southland censored?

Southland is an American crime drama that was made by NBC/TNT. The show was released on April 9, 2009 and ended on April 17, 2013. Due to FCC regulations the show was censored on NBC. TNT censored the series due to network standards.

Is John Cooper alive Southland?

Yes, John Cooper is alive. “I don’t think John Cooper died in that alley,” Chulack confirmed. Because, as McKenzie put it, “You can’t kill the Cooper.”

Can you turn off censorship on HBO Max?

In the upper-right corner, choose the Profile icon and then Parental Controls. Choose the maximum ratings allowed for both Movies and TV. The defaults are NC-17 (unrestricted) and TV-MA (unrestricted).

Can you Uncensor shows on HBO Max?

The Boondocks on #HBOMax is uncensored and in it’s true HD glory. Rick and Morty is also uncensored. I think we’ll be able to watch Adult Swim shows without censors. There’s an error on Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes on #HBOMax where the end credits play twice.