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What happened to referee Attwell?

What happened to referee Attwell?

Referee Stuart Atwell is withdrawn from the Premier League by mutual consent after a number of errors during matches this season.

What did Stuart Attwell do?

Stuart Steven Attwell (born 6 October 1982) is an English football referee from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, who officiates primarily in the Premier League. Attwell made a prominent debut in 2008 as the youngest person ever to referee in the Premier League.

Where is Stuart Attwell from?

Nuneaton, United KingdomStuart Attwell / Place of birthNuneaton is a market town in the Borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth in northern Warwickshire, England, close to the county border with Leicestershire and West Midlands County. The population in 2020 was estimated at 91,334, making it the largest town in Warwickshire. Wikipedia

Who does Stuart Attwell referee support?

Luton Town
Which football teams do Premier League referees support?

Referee Club supported
Martin Atkinson Leeds United
Stuart Attwell Luton Town
Peter Bankes Unknown
John Brookes Unknown

Is Stuart Attwell a good ref?

Stuart Attwell is apparently still the 3rd best referee in the Premier League in terms of Key Decision Accuracy! Attwell now has an even more impressive KDA of 75% this season after his 1/1 performance in this fixture. Stuart Attwell received a 3.4/5 Match Performance Rating in this fixture.

How old is Stuart Attwell?

39 years (October 6, 1982)Stuart Attwell / Age

Who is the youngest Premier League referee?

Michael Oliver
At only 25 years of age, Michael Oliver became the youngest referee in Premier League history when he took charge of Birmingham City’s clash with Blackburn Rovers in August 2010, and he has remained a top-flight official ever since.

Who does Anthony Taylor referee support?

Anthony Taylor – Altrincham Taylor lives just six miles from Old Trafford and his appointments for games involving Manchester United often draws the ire of rival supporters. However, the 43-year-old from Wythenshawe is as neutral as they come, being a fan of non-league Altrincham.

Who is the oldest referee in Premier League?

Mike Dean (referee)

Full name Mike Dean
Born 2 June 1968 Wirral, England
Years League Role
?–1997 Northern Premier League Referee

Are referees allowed to support a team?

Yes. And referees will not get appointed to the clubs they support. “At the beginning of every season the referees’ background information is audited,” said Keith Hackett, the former head of Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), the organisation that makes refereeing appointments for Premier League games.

What is Mike Dean’s salary?

Martin Atkinson, Mike Dean and Michael Oliver are currently the highest paid referees in the Premier League with a whopping £200,000 salary. The likes of Stuart Atwell, Kevin Friend and Paul Tierney earn £70,000 a year, while Craig Pawson and Graham Scott are on £48k per year.