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What happened to the eastsidaz?

What happened to the eastsidaz?

Tha Eastsidaz disbanded several years ago when Snoop left the group and Tray Deee was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attempted murder. Tray Deee hopes there will be some kind of a reunion once his sentence is up.

Are there any movies about Snoop Dogg?

On Friday (April 28), Snoop Dogg debuted the autobiographical film COOLAID: The Movie, which chronicles the hip-hop icon’s life and the pivotal moments that led to the rise of his music empire. The movie is a reflection of Snoop’s latest record, also called COOLAID, and serves as the visual companion to his new music.

What is Snoop Dogg’s movie called?


Year Title Role
2017 Grow House Himself
2019 The Beach Bum Lingerie
2021 The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 Himself
2021 The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run The Gambler

Who were the eastsidaz?

Big Tray Deee
Goldie LocVocalsSnoop DoggVocals
Tha Eastsidaz/Members

Is Tray Deee in jail?

On February 2, 2005, he was sentenced to twelve years in prison for attempted murder, stemming from a 2003 incident in which he fired at rival gang members. He was imprisoned at California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo, California for nine years. He was released from prison on April 3, 2014.

What is Snoop Dogg’s best movie?

Top 10 Snoop Dogg Movies, Ranked (According To Metacritic)

  1. 1 Dolemite Is My Name (76)
  2. 2 Training Day (69)
  3. 3 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (68)
  4. 4 Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap (66)
  5. 5 Quincy (60)
  6. 6 Turbo (58)
  7. 7 Iceberg Slim: Portrait Of A Pimp (56)
  8. 8 Starsky & Hutch (55)

Why did the eastsidaz break up?

Breakup (2003-2014) The group broke up when Snoop left while making their second album and Tray Deee was being sentenced to 12 years in prison for attempted murder. In 2005, Goldie Loc and Snoop Dogg reunited to form Tha Eastsidaz; they released a new joint album with the IV Life Family.

Is Tray Deee a Crip?

Career. Before becoming a rapper, Davis was an active gang member. Tray Deee is a member of the Insane Crips Gang in Long Beach, California.

How many wives has Snoop had?

Snoop Dogg has been married just once, to high school sweetheart Broadus. However, the couple have technically had more than one wedding ceremony.

What are some facts about Snoop Dogg?

Snoop Dogg’s real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus,Jr. His parents nicknamed him “Snoopy,” which caught on as a lifelong moniker.

  • Snoop Dogg married his high school sweetheart,Shante Taylor. They wed in 1997 and nearly divorced in 2004 before renewing their vows.
  • Unlike many rappers,Snoop comes by his gang credentials honestly.
  • Is Snoop Dogg a good rapper?

    Snoop Dogg, the Long Beach rapper and business mogul whose 1993 album “Doggystyle which has immense untapped future value. It feels good to have ownership of the label I was part of at the beginning of my career and as one of the founding members.

    What did Snoop Dogg do to achieve?

    Snoop Dogg has won the award once. APRA Awards are award ceremonies run in Australia and New Zealand by Australasian Performing Right Association to recognise songwriting skills, sales and airplay performance by its members annually. Snoop Dogg has won the award once.

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