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What happened to the original members of Uriah Heep?

What happened to the original members of Uriah Heep?

Two former Uriah Heep members died in 2020: Lee Kerslake after a long cancer battle on September 19, and Ken Hensley after a short illness on November 4. They had both each recorded a solo album earlier that year, posthumously released in early 2021.

What happened to David Byron from Uriah Heep?

Death and legacy Byron died of alcohol-related complications, including liver disease and seizures, at his home in Berkshire on 28 February 1985. He was 38 years old. On BBC Radio’s The Friday Rock Show, Tommy Vance played “July Morning” in tribute.

Who is the current lead singer of Uriah Heep?

David Byron1969 – 1976
John Lawton1976 – 1979Bernie ShawSince 1986Steff Fontaine1986 – 1986John Sloman1979 – 1981
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How many original members of Uriah Heep are still alive?


Name Years active Release contributions
Mick Box 1969–present all Uriah Heep releases
Phil Lanzon 1986–present all Uriah Heep releases from Live in Moscow (1988) onwards, except Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour (1997)
Bernie Shaw
Russell Gilbrook 2007–present all Uriah Heep releases from Wake the Sleeper (2008) onwards

What happened to Uriah Heep in David Copperfield?

They let Uriah go free only after he has (reluctantly) agreed to resign his position and return the money that he has stolen. Later in the novel, David encounters Uriah for the last time. Now in prison for bank fraud, and awaiting transportation, Uriah acts like a repentant model prisoner.

What did Uriah Heep do to Mr wickfield?

He encourages Wickfield’s drinking, tricks him into thinking he has committed financial wrongdoing while drunk, and blackmails him into making Uriah a partner in his law office.

How did Mr Micawber expose Uriah Heep?

Micawber begins to berate the clerk for his trickery. Micawber, in a grandiose manner, proceeds to expose Uriah Heep by reading a detailed account of his crimes against the firm, Mr. Wickfield, and Micawber himself.

What was Uriah Heep biggest song?

1) Gypsy (1970)