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What happened to Todd Tillman from The Voice?

What happened to Todd Tillman from The Voice?

He’s decided to step away from his 9-year-long career as a lead pastor to pursue music professionally. In November, Todd and his family moved from Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. This is the first time Brooke has been away from her hometown. She says the move is “exciting,” but it’s also a “huge adjustment.”

How old is Todd Tilghman on The Voice?

Todd Tilghman, a 42-year-old pastor from Meridian, Mississippi, is the most recent winner of β€œThe Voice.”

Did Todd Tilghman win The Voice?

As the winner of season 18 of The Voice, Todd Tilghman has had a much more solid career than he had prior to the show. On his Instagram, for example, Todd has nearly 40,000 followers at the moment. On Spotify, Todd’s performance of his original song “Long Way Home” has accumulated more than 330,000 listens.

How much did Todd Tilghman win on The Voice?

On Tuesday night, Tilghman triumphed over finalists Thunderstorm Artis, Toneisha Harris, CammWess and Micah Iverson, winning $100,000 and a record deal. At age 41, Tilghman made show history as the oldest singer to win out of all 18 seasons.

Who is the oldest person to be on The Voice?

An 18-year Mt. Juliet resident performed and advanced on NBC’s competitive singing show β€œThe Voice,” as his segment aired Tuesday for one of the show’s blind auditions episodes.

Who is the oldest winner of The Voice?

Todd Tilghman
Season 18: Todd Tilghman At age 42, Tilghman won season 18 of “The Voice” on Shelton’s team, becoming the oldest champion of the series. Since his win, he has continued to post singing videos on YouTube and released the singles “In a Heartache” and “Jesus and You” in 2021.

Where is Cam Anthony now?

Cam now has a record deal with Universal Music Group and his performances from The Voice are on Spotify. Cam won season 20 in late May 2021, and by June, he was on an episode of The Ellen Show. Cam appeared on her show seven years ago as well, when he was just 12 years old.

Do The Voice winners get money?

The winner of The Voice will get this year’s trophy πŸ†, prize money of US$100,000 πŸ’° and a record deal with Universal Music Group πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ€ for winning the competition. At the finale episode, we will see Top 13 performing once again on the stage.

What do The Voice winners get 2021?

a $100,000
What does The Voice Winner get in 2021? The winner of The Voice gets a $100,000 cash prize, plus a recording contract with Universal Music Group, and a theme park vacation for two at either Universal Parks & Resorts in Hollywood or Florida.