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What happens at a Punjabi Roka?

What happens at a Punjabi Roka?

Rokka (pre-engagement) Roka is one of the most significant ceremonies that take place before a Sikh wedding. The roka ceremony marks the union of both the bride and groom’s family and friends. Gifts from both families are acceptable at Rokka.

What is Sagan ceremony in Punjabi?

Sagan: This Punjabi wedding ritual is held either at the groom’s house or at a banquet hall, depending on the number of people attending. The father of the brides puts a tikka on the groom’s forehead and offers him gifts.

What is Thaka ceremony?

‘Thaka’ is a ceremony as a part of which the couple is made to sit together and showered with gifts or shagun and are considered as officially engaged.

What is Shagun ceremony in Punjabi wedding?

During the Roka (or Shagun) ceremony, the bride’s father will visit the groom’s house. Upon his arrival, he will offer a blessing by applying a tilak on the groom’s forehead and presenting gifts such as sweets, money, and clothing.

What is Chunni Chadhana?

The Chunni is placed on the bride’s head and her face is covered with it like a veil. This ceremony is known as Chunni Chadana. She is then gifted jewelry like bangles or necklaces that are family heirlooms by her mother-in-law who helps her put them on.

What comes first haldi or mehendi?

The haldi ceremony is the one in which a paste of haldi is applied to the bride and the groom’s body before their wedding. This ceremony is held at both the bride and the groom’s place, on the morning of the wedding day. In a few cultures, this ceremony is also held a day before the wedding, after the mehendi ritual.

What is Jago in Punjabi wedding?

What does Jago or Jaggo ceremony mean? It means “wake up”. It is a celebration initiated by the maternal families of both Bride and the Groom. The families arrive at the wedding venue with much fanfare including singing and dancing.

What is Jaggo in Punjabi?

Jaggo. “Jaggo is a time for singing and dancing where the bride’s female relatives will dance with pots on their heads decorated with oil candles,” Kaur explains. Jaggo literally translates to “wake-up” and this event would have historically happened by alerting the village at night about the upcoming wedding.

WHO removes choora?

For this too, another ceremony is performed named as ‘Chura Wadhana’. In this ritual, the bride’s sister-in-law is the only one who can remove it from the bride’s wrist. If the bride wants to wear it for a longer time, the sister-in-law only removes two bangles from each hand and then places it back.

What happens if Kalire Falls?

The ritual is followed with the bride shaking her chooda and kalire worn hands on the heads of all the unmarried girls present. It is believed that if any part or leaf of the kalire falls on the head of any girl’s head, she will be the next one to get married.

What is the mehndi ceremony in Punjabi wedding?

The Mehndi ceremony often continues to become a cocktail evening too. There are some pre-wedding ceremonies that take place in the bride’s home separately. The Mayian ceremony includes the Punjabi wedding Chura ceremony, Vatna (Haldi) ceremony, the sangeet and the mehndi too.

What happens during a Punjabi wedding ceremony?

In most Punjabi families this ceremony takes place on the same day as the chunni chadana. Some families like it to be a private and intimate affair, while others invite a lot of guests and celebrate it elaborately. The couple exchange rings as part of the ceremony and gifts are given to the bride and groom. 4. Mehendi Ceremony

What is the mayian ceremony in Punjabi wedding?

The Mayian ceremony includes the Punjabi wedding Chura ceremony, Vatna (Haldi) ceremony, the sangeet and the mehndi too. This ceremony typically starts the night before the wedding and it is the final preparation ceremony before the big day.

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