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What happens when Moon is Vargottama?

What happens when Moon is Vargottama?

If either the Lagna or the Moon is Vargottama (being identical in both Rashi and Navamsa positions) at birth and the Vargottama Lagna or the Moon is aspected by four or more planets, the native would be a multi-millionaire.

What happens when a planet is Vargottama?

Vargottama Planet literally means a planet which is in same position in most of the main 4 charts (Lagna Chart, Navamsha Chart, Dashamsha Chart & Saptamsha Chart). So, a planet which is in same sign in Lagna Chart and all the 3 main Varga (Divisional) Charts as stated above is called Vargottama Planet.

Are Vargottama planets good?

When a planet is in the same sign in the birth chart and navamsa, then that planet is called Vargottama planet. It is coined from 2 words, Varga and Uttama. This is the best planet in the entire divisional chart.

What is Bhava Vargottama?

When a planet occupies same rashi in D-1 & D-9 it is termed as Vargottam planet. It enhances the good results of the house occupied.. Bhovottama planet enhances the good effect of Varga chart as a whole. Planet(s) become both Bhava and Sign Vargottama and all the houses of two Vargas become Sign Vargottama.

What happens when Venus is Vargottama?

> Vargottama venus or planet is in same sign in birth chart as well as navamsha is very good , if that planet is placed in 7th house or aspect or 7th lord is vargottama then it indicates very good for marriage life although you’ve to see other planetary details then judge.

What if Rahu and Ketu are Vargottama?

When we say Vargottama it clearly means that Rahu and Ketu remain in the same signs even in the Navamsa chart. If any planet becomes a Vargottama it will surely gain strength. But, whether it will become positive or negative will depend on its placement in the chart.

What does Vargottam mean?

Vargottam mean is Varg + Uttam means in division (Best position in divisional chart) it will be consider as strong planet not always benefic.

Is Rahu and Ketu can be Vargottama?

Rahu is at 6° 54′ in Gemini in the same Navamsa in Chart 1. Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama, therefore.

What if the Moon is Vargottama in Scorpio?

When the Moon is the Vargottama planet, the qualities indicated by the Moon will be more evident in you. The Moon should not be in Scorpio, which is the debilitation point for Moon.

What will happen if your sun sign is Vargottama?

So, if your Sun is Vargottama, then you will have a lot of will power. There will be a lot of intimations from your side. The Sun should not be in its debilitation sign Libra. Then the results can vary.

What is Vargottama in astrology?

Essentially, vargottama refers to planets occupying the same sign in Rashi chart as well as the Navmasha chart. This planet is said to give double the results during its Mahadasha, whether that is auspicious or challenging depends on what the planet signifies in your chart.

Is Vargottama Saturn bad for Cancer rising?

So for instance, if you are a Cancer rising, and you have a Saturn that is Vargottama, this may harm more than protect, as Satiurn is not friendly for Cancer rising, being the planet that rules their malefic 8 th house.