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What if surname is blank in passport?

What if surname is blank in passport?

If you don’t have a family name on your passport, travel or identity document, enter all your given name(s) in the surname field and leave the given name field blank. Do not enter “Not applicable,” “*” or “NA.”

Is Last Name mandatory for Indian passport?

You must furnish your full name as you want it to appear on your passport.

What do I fill in if my last name has no surname?

If there is no last name, then you might use your first name again as your last name….Surname can be one of the following:

  • Father’s last name.
  • Mother’s last name.
  • Father’s first name.
  • Name of Place of Birth.

What is the last name in Indian passport?

In the passport, there are only two parts to furnish the name of the passport holder. The “surname” appears first. The actual name comes next under “Given name”. Different systems are followed in India in giving a name to a person.

Is it OK to have no surname in India?

‘One can have no surname, but caste records are a must’

Can I have no surname in India?

No matter what deviations people have sought however, the basic structure — of first name, last name — has largely continued to withstand the test of time. Except in many parts of India. Many Indians don’t have a surname at all and are known only by one name (Dharmendra, Pran).

Is last name compulsory?

The answer to this is that Indian law does not require/mandate you to change your surname after marriage. It is a social norm. Also, it is a myth that your surname will automatically change after marriage or marriage registration.

Is it possible to have no surname?

Many Afghans have no surname. It is also common to have no surname in Bhutan, Indonesia, Myanmar, and South India. Javanese names traditionally are mononymic, especially from people of older generations.

Is there any problem if there is no surname in passport?

As long as you have a Surname in your passport, you will not have MAJOR problems. If there is no surname in your passport, stop right here and get your name changes in your passport first before going forward with any application or study abroad process. Empty (or blank) Surname in Passport equals TROUBLE.

Is last name mandatory?

What is 1st name and last name?

Generally, the name of an individual is broken down into two halves. The first name is the name given at birth (Sachin). The last name (surname) represents the name of the family to which the child is born (Tendulkar).

Is it compulsory to have last name?

Your name is your own choice. The law does not mandate a man or a woman to change it necessarily.