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What is a beating stick?

What is a beating stick?

DEFINITIONS1. a piece of information or an argument that can be used for criticizing or punishing someone. This report is being used as yet another stick to beat nurses with. Synonyms and related words.

Where does the expression get off the stick come from?

The accepted explanation of “get on the stick” in dictionaries of slang ties the “stick” to either the gearshift of an automobile or the control stick (aka “joystick”) of a small airplane, the logic being that both devices confer control, and thus that an exhortation to “get on the stick” means “get going.” That …

What does off a stick mean?

Cassell’s says the stick in the phrases represents “the gearstick of a car or joystick of an aircraft, both of which exert control.” Perhaps “off the stick” then is out of it or not in control.

What does getting a stick mean?

To receive strong criticism, disapproval, or judgment (for something). I got a lot of stick from my parents over my decision to pursue a degree in art, rather than law or medicine. I’m going to get stick from my boss for that accounting error I made last week.

What does it mean to beat someone?

1 : an act of striking with repeated blows so as to injure or damage also : the injury or damage thus inflicted.

Is it beet or beat?

The noun beat refers to a blow, a sound, a pronounced rhythm, or an habitual path or round of duty. The noun beet refers to a plant with a purplish red root that’s used as a vegetable.

What does it mean to get on the stick?

to start working hard
Definition of get on the stick : to start working hard at something that one has been avoiding doing You’d better get on the stick with those college applications!

What is a stick in slang?

Stick is a slang term for “gun,” especially an automatic rifle in Southern hip-hop in the U.S. That means you can “stick ’em up”… with a stick.

What is a stick in drug slang?

blanks – Low quality drugs. blast – Cocaine; Smoke crack; Marijuana; smoke marijuana or crack. blast a joint – To smoke marijuana. blast a roach – To smoke marijuana. blast a stick – To smoke marijuana.

What does it mean to beat a guy?

transitive to defeat someone in a game, competition, election, or battle.