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What is a Chauncey?

What is a Chauncey?

The definition of Chauncey is a man’s name. An example of a famous Chauncey is Chauncey Davis, the football player. noun. 1. (person, proper) A masculine name.

Is Prof A slang word?

Definitions include: exclamation of displeasure; “crap!”; “shoot!”.

What does drope mean?

Noun. drope m. vocative singular of drop (“bustard”) vocative singular of drop (in golf)

What does a guinea a minute mean?

that is great fun
Guinea a minute means something or someone that is great fun, and worth a “guinea a minute.” A guinea was “a gold coin issued in England from 1663 to 1813 and worth one pound and one shilling.” “ That day made a high festival for her, and, to use her own expressive phrase, ‘was worth a guinea a minute to her.’”

Is Chancey a word?

1. Uncertain as to outcome; risky; hazardous. 2. Random; haphazard.

How do you spell Chauncey?

Chauncey Definition & Meaning |

Is exam a slang?

exam Add to list Share. An exam is a test. Many high school and college classes have a midterm exam and a final exam. The word exam is short for examination, from 19th century student slang.

What is Crope?

(krŏp) n. Zoology. a. A pouchlike enlargement of a bird’s gullet in which food is partially digested or stored for regurgitation to nestlings.

Whats a Ginnel mean?

a narrow passageway between buildings
/ (ˈɡɪnəl, ˈdʒɪn-) / noun. Northern English dialect a narrow passageway between buildings.

What does it mean to go through in Downton Abbey?

In a castle, after diner, the countess says that and all the ladies stand up and “go to the other room”. After that, servants are speaking together and are wondering how long the ladies will stay here and one of them says : “if you have settle the ladies, then it won’t be long once they go through.”

What does swag mean?

In short order, this particular meaning of swag broadened and soon referred to anything given to an attendee of an event (such as a conference) as a promotional stunt. This swag didn’t gain much use until the 1990s, but it also didn’t appear out of thin air.

What is Chauncey?

Not to be confused with the term ” Chauncy “, which is without the E . A Chauncey is a person who tends to be more talented, smarter, and better over-all in numeruos ways than the average person. They tend to be deserving of reverence and are thought of highly, but sometimes due to this are envied.

What are some good swag quotes?

“Yo, that dude’s got so much swag, it’s not even fair. Nah, he’s lame he just rips off other people’s looks.” 2. What does Swag stand for? “He gave me a SWAG for the project, but said he’d provide a more thorough estimate by COB Friday.” 3. What does swag mean?

When did swag become a thing?

This swag didn’t gain much use until the 1990s, but it also didn’t appear out of thin air. The newer meanings were based on an older, more established meaning that referred to goods acquired by unlawful means: Silverware in those days was the choicest swag known to burglars…