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What is a remote control IR repeater?

What is a remote control IR repeater?

An IR (infrared) repeater is a device that transmits the IR signal from a remote control to somewhere it wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. If you store equipment in a closed cabinet, or in another room entirely, an IR repeater kit can reproduce the signal there and allow you to keep components hidden.

How do I extend my IR remote range?

A: You can extend your IR remote range in just a few minutes by attaching an IR remote extender kit (IR receiver and IR emitter) to the equipment you want to control.

Is IR extender same as a IR Blaster?

IR blasters are core components in any extender kit. Infrared blasters and extenders are common in modern home theater and audio systems. Designed to increase the range and effectiveness of IR systems, blasters are core components of any extender package.

What is an IR adapter?

If you want to keep your TV Box or TV Adapter out of sight and still use your remote control to change channels, you’ll need to use an IR Extender or IR Receiver. An IR Extender or IR Receiver is included with your TV Adapter equipment.

How do IR emitters work?

IR emitters are small wired transmitters for repeating an infrared signal from your remote to an isolated piece of A/V equipment. They are available in single or dual emitter packages with the latter emitting the same signal through two separate housings.

How do I extend my IR signal?

Just place the IR side of the emitter in front of the IR eye of the A/V Device. Connect it to the extender and connect the IR receiver to it. Place the IR receiver eye near your TV or other convenient place (max. 10m) to aim at with a remote control.

How do I install an IR extender?

To use it, connect the IR Extender to the IR In input on the back of the TV Box or TV Adapter. Put the other end of the IR Extender somewhere that allows a direct line of sight between it and the remote.

How long can an IR cable be?

The standard length of the IR receiver cable is 2 meters; it can be extended up to max. 300 meters, using a UTP or an equivalent cable.

How do you hook up a IR extender?

How do I connect my IR extender?