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What is a trough in electrical?

What is a trough in electrical?

Wireways—sometimes known as “troughs” or “gutters” within the electrical contracting field—are commonly used to control wiring in environments where contaminants may cause problems.

What is a Wireway used for?

They route electrical wiring, electrical feeders, branch circuits, and other groups of conductors. Wireways are commonly used for incoming cable runs and feeder circuits from switchboards to power and lighting panels, distributing power in industrial plants, and ganging equipment.

What is a metal Wireway?

Sheet metal troughs with hinged or removable covers for housing and protecting electrical wires and cable and in which conductors are laid in place after the raceway has been installed as a complete system.

Is a Wireway considered a raceway?

What Are Wireways? Compared to raceways, a wireway is slim, a closed passage that houses electrical wires, and is mainly comprised of aluminum. Channel letters are connected to wireways the same way they would connect to a raceway. The sole advantage here is that a wireway is not a huge panel.

How many conductors are in a Wireway?

A wireway shall not contain more than thirty current-carrying conductors except where the ampacity has been adjusted according to Table 310-15(b)(2)(a). 2. The sum of the cross-sectional areas of all conductors shall not exceed 20% of the interior cross-sectional area of the wireway.

What is the other term used for Wireway?

raceway. (redirected from wireway)

Is Romex considered a raceway?

Thus the raceway is simply that, a raceway and the ‘cable’ of romex is reduced to four conductors (hot, neutral, ground and red wire is signal wire) in a raceway.

Is PVC conduit considered a raceway?

PVC conduit is an inexpensive, easily installed raceway. It’s lightweight, easily cut, and relatively strong.

What is Wireway and wire trough?

This raceway system is also known as wireway and wire trough. Gaskets on the covers and at connection points protect against dust as well as seeping oil and coolant. In areas exposed to washdowns, chemicals, and corrosion, install this stainless steel raceway system that has gaskets at the connection points.

Where can I find technical references for Wireway and troughs?

Technical references and CAD downloads available at All dimensions in inches unless specied otherwise Wireway & Trough • Divides wireway into two or more compartments. Barriers are fastened to wireway sections with screws.

What are the dimensions of the wireway&trough?

Technical references and CAD downloads available at All dimensions in inches unless specifled otherwise Wireway & Trough 2.5 x 2.5 4 x 4 6 x 6 8 x 8 Description Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.

What is a Type 12 wiring trough?

Type 12 Wiring Trough 1486 Series Quick Link: Application • Designed to enclose and protect multiple wiring junctions from dirt, dust, oil and water. Standards • UL 870 Type 1 • CSA Type 1 • Complies with • NEMA Type 12 • IEC 60529, IP54