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What is a WORX AeroCart?

What is a WORX AeroCart?

The Worx Aerocart is an 8-in-1 all-purpose yard cart, mover and lifter. The Aerocart combines the capabilities of a yard cart, wheelbarrow, hand truck dolly, extended dolly, bag holder, cylinder holder, rock lifter & mover, flower pot carrier, and trailer mover all in one.

Are there any complaints about the quality of AeroCart?

I did a quick bit of research online to see what others have experienced when the Aerocart is a bit older and the complaints about the quality of manufacturing are few and far between. The handle grips deteriorate at a faster rate than you would expect, especially if the cart is stored outside

Is the AeroCart the right tool for You?

If you are of average height and struggle to move heavy things around the house, then the Aerocart may be exactly what you need. But due to the construction of this cart, people that are above about 5’8″ tall will struggle to use this tool comfortably.

Will the AeroCart rust?

But since the main components are solid steel, as the cart is exposed to wear and tear from the rigors of outdoor use, the Aerocart may show signs of rust similar to any other steel implement. What is the guarantee/warranty?

What is the WORX AeroCart snow plow kit?

This kit is designed to transform your Worx Aerocart into a convenient wheeled snow plow. It features 3 different height positions to maximize comfort and control for any user. What tools are compatible with the Aerocart Wheelbarrow Snow Plow?

Why buy an AeroCart wheelbarrow for gardening?

There will always be things to haul when it comes to yard work, making the Aerocart wheelbarrow a vital part of your gardening tool collection. The more yard work you have to do, the more things there will be to move around.