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What is an RF 15?

What is an RF 15?

Radical Firearms® RF-15 SOCOM 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. Semi-automatic Rifle. The Radical Firearms SOCOM combines mil-spec receivers, a SOCOM-profile barrel, and slim M-LOK handguard to create a budget-friendly AR-15 that flat-out performs.

What caliber is a RF 15?

5.56mm NATO
Product Specification

UPC 814034025904
Caliber 5.56mm NATO
Model RAD-15
Action Semi-Automatic
Manufacturer Radical Firearms

Can a radical firearms AR-15 shoot 223?

The Radical 223 Wylde Rifle is An Excellent First AR-15 223 Remington chamber with the versatility and strength of a 5.56 NATO chamber, allowing you to shoot either ammunition with increased accuracy.

How much does radical firearms AR-15 weigh?

6 lbs., 9 oz
Weight: 6 lbs., 9 oz.

What magazine does Radical Firearms use?

MagpulGen M3 Magazine AR-15 223 10-Round Black. The PMAG 10 GEN M3 is a 10-round 5.56×45 NATO (. 223 Remington) polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons.

How to choose the best gun safe for an AR 15?

Choose a safe that is big enough to hold a scoped AR 15 rifle and will carry additional gears. The thickness of the access door determines the resilience of your gun safe. A thicker door prevents burglars from prying, blasting, or drilling through.

How much does a radical firearms RF 15 cost?

Today a Radical Firearms Rf 15 will cost you an average of $788.72 which is $237.73 lower than the 12-week average price. American Firearms was established by firearm fans for firearm fans as a modern-day take on all things that go BOOM.

What makes a gun safe safe so secure?

The gun safe is made with a thick steel material for long-lasting protection, durability, and reliability. Security is also enhanced by the pry-proof steel with five 1-inch solid live-locking bolts. Corrosion and rusting are prevented by the black rocky finish that prevents corrosion.

How many guns can you store in a langger gun safe?

This safe will store up to 5 shotguns/rifles with scopes and also features a small lockbox capable of storing 3 or 4 handguns. Langger Gun safe is a perfect way to ensure that your rifles and other firearms are stored securely with/without Optics.