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What is Army AFTB?

What is Army AFTB?

Army Family Team Building (AFTB) empowers you, through self-development and leadership skills, basic Army knowledge and specialized training, to maximize your personal and professional potential.

What is Army Team Building?

Army team building is a continuous process of enabling a group of people to reach their goals and improve their effectiveness through leadership and various exercises, activities and techniques (FM 6-22).

How do I check my army Efmp status?

  1. Special Actions Branch.
  2. 1-888-ARMYHRC (1-888-276-9472)

What is Army ACS?

All Army Community Services (ACS) programs support Soldiers, civilian employees and Families in maintaining readiness by coordinating and delivering comprehensive, responsive services that promote self-reliance, resiliency and stability.

What is the enrichment stage?

Stage 2: Enrichment: New teams and new Soldiers gradually move questioning everything to trusting themselves, their peers and you… their leader.

How long is EFMP good for?

The EFMP Case Coordinator notifies the Soldier of enrollment. NOTE: Soldiers are responsible for ensuring that the EFMP enrollment information is current. Updates are required when a registered family member’s special medical or education needs change, or at least every three years.

What qualifies for Exceptional Family Member Program?

Family members with special medical or educational needs should enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program. This includes spouses, children and dependent adults who: Require special medical services for a chronic condition such as asthma, attention deficit disorder, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc.

What is aftb Level I?

A3: AFTB Level I Modules train basic information about the Army. Learn about the Army life and how to maneuver through daily challenges by discovering how to decipher Army acronyms, utilize Community Resources, attain better financial readiness and understand the goal and impact of the Army mission on daily life.

What do you learn in aftb Level 3?

You’ll also learn about Army traditions, customs, courtesies and protocol. AFTB (Level III) Leadership Development (L) Modules train leadership skills: Thrive in the Army and civilian life by expanding leadership skills and effective communication techniques and learning to mentor others into leadership positions.

What does aftb do for the military?

Moreover, AFTB continues to empower individuals to maximize their personal growth and professional development through specialized training, as well as transform the Army community into a resilient and strong foundation meeting today’s mission. AFTB is not limited to the boundaries of the Active Army.