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What is black cube Maplestory?

What is black cube Maplestory?

Black Cube. Resets your equipment’s potential, up to Legendary. lets you choose before or after potential. 2,200 NX. 22,000,000 mesos.

How much is a red cube Maplestory?

Red cubes are practically $1.09 USD each in the cash shop buying the bundle (12,000 NX).

What do violet cubes do Maplestory?

Violet Cubes are used to reset revealed Potential stats on equipment items. They have a lower chance to rank up potentials compared to other cubes, but in return you will get a list of potentials to select from. This gives you greater control over customization.

What cubes should I use MapleStory?

The best way to tier up is to use Black Cubes from an Epic Potential. Use occult cubes or an Epic Potential scroll on your item to get to Epic and then use Black cubes for tiering up and Red cubes for rerolling to prime lines.

What do you use Meister cubes for?

Karma Meister’s Cube Only usable on items graded Rare to Legendary. This item is time-limited.

What does DMT do MapleStory?

In the past, Double Miracle Time would run for three hour-long periods on a Saturday, giving everyone in MapleStory double the odds of ranking-up their equipment’s Potential through Red Cubes, Black Cubes, Bonus Potential Cubes, White Cubes, and Violet Cubes.

What is DMT MapleStory?

What do occult cubes do?

This Miracle Cube supposedly brings out the hidden potential in equipment, but it reeks of dark energy. This item is time-limited.

How do I Cube A legendary in MapleStory?

The best way to cube is use an Epic Potential Scroll to get your item to Epic, then use Black cubes until the item reaches legendary. The most important items to cube are your Weapon, Sub Weapon, and Emblem.

How do you get a master craftsman cube?

Master Craftsman’s Cube Recipe

  1. Superior Item Crystal x 20.
  2. Cube Fragment x 5.
  3. Cubic Blade x 5.
  4. Superior Abrasive x 10.

How many maplers are there in Maplestory?

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Do you use black or red cubes for legendarys?

No joke, withing 500m of using only black cubes (and also most of my maple reward points) I got my blasters emblem and secondary to epic to legendary. I use reds till unique then blacks to legendary. Blacks all the way. Got me 4 legendarys in 800m of blacks during Miracle

Should I buy red cubes or black cubes?

Both are very similar, i’d use blacks in smaller and bigger samples, you can get lucky with red cubes but that’s up to you to gamble. Ended up spending 100m more on red cubes. From unique to legendary i’d say reds could be cheaper, but from rare to unique go with blacks. As others stated, both rank up.

How long does it take to post a MapleStory account?

– Official MapleStory Website [New Users] Please note that all new users need to be approved before posting. This process can take up to 24 hours. Thank you for your patience. Check out the v.229 On Air: An Absolute Unit Patch Notes here! Best cubes to improve my items? Good day. So, pretty much the topic.