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What is Chincoteague Island known for?

What is Chincoteague Island known for?

Chincoteague Island, Virginia’s only resort island, is perhaps the most beautiful island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. World famous for its oyster beds and clam shoals, Chincoteague is the gateway to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge which is located on the Virginia side of Assateague Island.

Is Chincoteague worth visiting?

Visiting Chincoteague Island is a must – it truly is a hidden gem. At just over three hours from the Washington DC metro area, Chincoteague makes for the perfect weekend getaway or an epic day trip – making you feel worlds away from the craziness of the city.

Where are the wild ponies in Chincoteague?

Assateague Island
They live in the wild on Assateague Island. Assateague Island is about 38 miles long, half of the Island is in Maryland and half is in Virginia. Two herds of wild horses make their home on Assateague Island, separated by a fence at the Maryland-Virginia line. The Maryland herd is managed by the National Park Service.

Does anyone live on Chincoteague Island?

Chincoteague is a town in Virginia with a population of 2,899. Chincoteague is in Accomack County. Living in Chincoteague offers residents a suburban rural mix feel and most residents own their homes. Many retirees live in Chincoteague and residents tend to lean conservative.

Is Chincoteague Indian?

The word “Chincoteague” is said to be an Indian name meaning “beautiful land across the water”. The pronunciation and spelling has changed over time. Court records in 1671 indicate a spelling of “Jungoteague”.

Can you swim at Chincoteague Island?

This is a great place for swimming, beach combing, hiking, bird watching, bicycle riding and other outdoor activities. Chincoteague and Assateague offer family fun and great recreational opportunities for everyone!

Which is better Chincoteague or Assateague?

Assateague Island National Seashore is 37 miles long and renowned for its wild horses and sandy beaches while Chincoteague is only 7 miles long and better known for its marshes, dunes, forests, and more.

Why do they do the Chincoteague Pony swim?

A: The purpose of the swim is to move the herd to Chincoteague Island so that the foals can be auctioned. The auction serves two purposes. First the auction helps to control the size of the herd.

Is Chincoteague VA a good place to retire?

A Desirable City TripAdvisor users have awarded Chincoteague, Virginia, a major ranking as one of the “Top 10 Islands—United States,” and Budget Travel included Chincoteague in its list of “100 Coolest Small Towns in America.” These awards alone speak highly of your choice to purchase a home in Chincoteague, VA.

What does the word Chincoteague mean?

beautiful land across the water
The 1989 annexation made the entire Island part of the Town of Chincoteague. The word “Chincoteague” is said to be an Indian name meaning “beautiful land across the water”. The pronunciation and spelling has changed over time.