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What is Chinese Ba Zi?

What is Chinese Ba Zi?

The Four Pillars of Destiny, as known as “Ba-Zi”, which means “eight characters” or “eight words” in Chinese, is a Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour.

What is a BaZi calculator?

Chinese Bazi Calculator(八字) These four components ie, the year, month, day and hour is known as ‘The Four Pillers of Destiny’ or Bazi (Bā Zì) and is a key factor determining a person’s future.

What are my 4 pillars of Destiny?

As an important component of Chinese fortune telling, the ‘four pillars’ refers to the year, month, day and hour pillars of a birthday in Chinese solar calendar and each pillar has two characters, eight characters (Ba Zi) in total.

How accurate is BaZi?

How do I know about it, I discover it and back tested it with so many people in their bazi interpretation and from an average of 80% accuracy, it shoots up to 99% accuracies. Therefore, there is an absolute need to adjust to the correct timing so that the reading of the chart will be more precise and accurate.

What is peach blossom in BaZi?

Peach Blossom, also known as ‘Tao Hua’ (桃花), is generally used to measure someone’s affinity with the opposite gender, attractiveness, and when romance will occur. Having Peach Blossom ‘luck’ is arguably something everyone would like to have in their charts.

How do I find my feng shui element?

What is Your Feng Shui Birth Element?

  1. Find your year of birth.
  2. Then subtract 1900.
  3. Now add the digits together repeatedly until you end up with a single digit.
  4. If you are Male Subtract this from 10.
  5. If you are Female Add 5 to the number from step 3.

Is Four Pillars of Destiny Real?

Four Pillars of Destiny: Unlocking the Mysteries of Life is a compilation of real-life case studies and interviews with people from all walks of life, as conducted by Jerry King.

What is eating God in BaZi?

0 Comment(s) Eating God is one of the more popular ‘gods’ in BaZi because it has always been deemed a very positive ‘god’ and one would be lucky to have it in your chart. It is the ‘god’ which your Daymaster gives birth to and it has to be the same polarity.

How does BaZi work?

How does it work? In a nutshell, BaZi analyzes the unique numerals of an individual’s birth data and gender and then matches them to a matrix of metaphysical knowledge based on the Sun and its elemental influences on him/her. Therein lies the fate and destiny of an individual, in the realms of BaZi.

What is Rob wealth in BaZi?

Rob Wealth is nothing more than opposite gender. It describe peer/sibling of the opposite gender. In BaZi you look for the same element of the daymaster but is of opposite polarity. Here you should know that unequal sharing need to happen.

What is prosperity star in BaZi?

This Star symbolizes Wealth, Prosperity, and the probability of a good political career.

How do I get my Bazi chart?

Use the Bazi Calculator below to get your Bazi Chart, identify your day piller, luck piller and more. Bazi calculation helps your understand yourself, your relationships, your career and more. Get your Four Pillars of Destiny

What are the symbolic stars in Ba Zi?

They are activated when they appear in the Luck Pillar or the Pillars of your Ba Zi chart. Symbolic stars are like the “leaves” of the stems and branches in the big tree of Chinese astrology, giving an added meaning to your Bazi chart. Click here to read the the meaning of the Symbolic Stars.

Are all astrological calculations based on Vedic or scientific equations?

All astrological calculations are based on vedic rules & scientific equations and not on any published almanac. More »