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What is close call reporting?

What is close call reporting?

Reporting a Close Call Reporting Close Calls means that we can remove immediate risks and understand strategically where we need to make improvements by identifying areas of high risk and taking steps to prevent more serious incidents from occurring.

What is the close call app?

The close call app, developed with mobile technology agency Apadmi, simplifies and streamlines the reporting process into one simple form onscreen. Anyone can fill in basic details and input a description of the incident or hazard, with the option to add a photo.

What is the difference between a near miss and a close call?

View our safety resources. We’ve all had experiences that make us say “That was a close call.” You may have tripped over a power cord or left the stove on. A missed step or wobble of the ladder can cause a quick, heart-pounding moment. In the workplace, these moments are called near misses.

What is a close call in safety?

A close call is “an opportunity to improve safety practices in a situation or incident that has a potential for more serious consequences.” When individual events are analyzed collectively, railroads can identify safety hazards and develop solutions to these threats.

What is close call good catch?

It can be thought of as a “close call.” Identifying such a situation represents a “Good Catch” that just might save you or a co-worker from injury! By reporting these circumstances, you are contributing to a safer and healthier campus environment.

Why are near misses not reported?

They’re afraid they will be blamed for the incident and that it might have a negative impact on their career. So, they consider silence is the safer choice, when in fact it’s anything but that.

What is near miss reporting?

Near Miss Reporting May Prevent Incidents A near miss or close call is defined by the National Safety Council (NSC) as “an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness or damage – but had the potential to do so.

Is near miss reporting a legal requirement?

Reporting of near misses is not usually a legal requirement (except for dangerous occurrences under RIDDOR). However, it is good for safety management to report them internally.

Should I report a near miss?

According to the Heinrich pyramid, for every 300 near misses there is one serious accident. Reporting and investigating near misses can highlight otherwise overlooked hazards and gaps in the EHS program. Use these leading indicators and make your safety program proactive rather than reactive.

What is the difference between incident and near miss?

To recap: Incident: something did occur and harm was caused. Hazard: something could occur. Near Miss: something did occur but there was no harm caused.

How many near misses should be reported?

What is the procedure to close a near miss?

Near miss reporting procedures: Report the near miss incident, no matter how small or who it happens to. Make sure the scene of the incident is secured as fast as possible. Communicate the incident to supervisors and the safety department. Fill out a near miss reports with the exact details of the incident.

How do I report a close call to Network Rail?

Details should be given in site induction, if in doubt, speak to your supervisor or Health & amp; Safety Representative. Close Calls requiring Network Rail attention to resolve must be reported through our Close Call webform ( Close Call Report ( for external users) or through Network Rail Close Call Helpdesk.

What is a close call on the railway?

Close Call. A Close Call is defined as anything that has the potential to cause harm or damage. This includes the potential to: Harm a person including minor, major injuries, and fatalities. Harm the environment and/or protected species. Damage railway infrastructure, plant, vehicles, tools, equipment, systems and information.

How do I raise or report a close call?

Users will need to register for access to the Close Call System the first time they use the App to raise or report a Close Call. Users who do not have access to Network Rail mobile devices, can report Close Calls from laptop/desktop devices by using the Webform. The Webform can also be accessed by mobile device browsers (Safari and Chrome).

What are the benefits of reporting close calls?

Reporting Close Calls means we can remove immediate risk, and understand strategically where we need to make improvements by identifying areas of high risk and taking steps to prevent a more serious incident from occurring.