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What is DRA and DRO ABA?

What is DRA and DRO ABA?

There are four forms of differential reinforcement: Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible behavior (DRI) Differential Reinforcement of Alternative behavior (DRA) Differential Reinforcement of Other behavior (DRO)

What does DRA mean in ABA?

Differential reinforcement of alternative behaviors
Definition. Differential reinforcement of alternative behaviors (DRA) and differential reinforcement of incompatible behaviors (DRI) are both procedures designed to decrease the rate of targeted unwanted behaviors.

What is DRA in Aba example?

Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior (DRA) DRA involves reinforcing a behavior that serves as an alternative to the inappropriate behavior. A good example of this would be a child who demands food from his parents.

What is DRO DRA DRL?

Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behaviors (DRI) Differential Reinforcement of Other Behaviors or Alternate Behaviors (DRO/DRA) Differential Reinforcement of Low Rates of Behavior (DRL) Differential Reinforcement of High Rates of Behavior (DRH)

What is an example of DRO?

For example, if a child with autism displays self-stimulatory behavior in the form of waving both hands in front of his face, a DRO procedure would be to provide a positive reinforcement for a 10-s period during which his hands were not waving in front of his face.

What is the difference between DRL and DRO?

DRI = Differential reinforcement of incompatible behaviors. DRA = Differential reinforcement of alternative behaviors. DRO = Differential reinforcement of other behavior. DRL = Differential reinforcement of low rates of the behavior.

What is the difference between DRA and DRI in ABA?

The Real Difference Between DRA and DRI As stated earlier: If the alternative behavior you choose to reinforce is incompatible with the target behavior, then the intervention is a DRI procedure. If the alternative behavior is not incompatible with the target behavior, then the intervention is a DRA procedure.

How do you implement a DRO?

Example of DRO Procedure

  1. Define the target behavior.
  2. Identify the function of the target behavior.
  3. Choose reinforcers.
  4. Collect baseline data.
  5. Determine the type of DRO procedure you will use.
  6. Set the criteria to advance or reduce the interval.
  7. Define your procedures.
  8. Implement the intervention and collect data.