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What is drop C standard tuning?

What is drop C standard tuning?

Drop C tuning is an alternative guitar tuning where at least one string has been lowered to a C, but most commonly refers to CGCFAD, which can be described as D tuning with a 6th string dropped to C, or drop D tuning transposed down a whole step.

What gauge is good for drop C?

Guitar Strings

Tuning Fender Scale (25.5″) Gibson Scale (24 3/4″)
D Standard 11-54 (higher tension) 11-48 (normal tension)
C Standard 12-56 (regular tension) 12-56 (normal tension)
11-54 (loose feel)
Drop C 11-54 +56 (normal tension) 12-56 (normal tension)

Who uses drop C?

Mansoor, along with Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb, predominantly use drop C tuning. Of course, they’ve also implemented 7 and 8-string guitars in their works. But as far as 6-strings go, it’s all mostly drop C. That’s what you will hear in their classic works like Marigold.

What bands use Drop C tuning?

15 Bands that Play in Drop C Tuning (2022 Edition)

  • System of a Down.
  • Deftones.
  • Killswitch Engage.
  • Stoned Jesus.
  • As I Lay Dying.
  • Ministry.
  • Periphery.
  • Rammstein.

Is 52 gauge good for Drop C?

The 11-52 gauge set is another versatile option when looking for strings for Drop C tuning. When it comes to scale length, I personally think these work best with “Fender Scale” or 25.5”. But I have also tried them on a Les Paul before and I was pleasantly surprised. With any scale length, this set just works.

Are 11s good for Drop C?

Ive played, drop C and standard C for years and 11 to 50 or 52 is plenty good. You don’t want to tight to loose the break up but not too loose to where it sounds muddy. 11s are the way to go bro.

Who plays drop C?