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What is NHS learn pro?

What is NHS learn pro?

LearnPro, is the on-line learning platform for NHSGGC and hosts modules covering the following: Statutory and Mandatory training modules, including Fire Safety, required to be completed by all staff from entry to NHSGGC at Induction and throughout employment with the Board.

How do I access LearnPro?

  1. How to Access: Access to the LearnPro platform using this link
  2. Registration. Please complete this section.
  3. Complete Registration Details.
  4. Choose Learning Material.
  5. Updating your Profile.
  6. Help and Support.
  7. Forgotten your Password.
  8. Changing your Password.

What is learn pro community?

The learnPro Community Learning Content Management System (LCMS) aims to provide access to e-learning courses created by the NHS to other specialist groups and organisations such as Care Homes, Charities, Education Providers and other organisations within the community across Scotland.

How do I get a turas certificate?

How do I get a completion certificate? Your mandatory training certificate will be emailed to you as a PDF following completion of all parts required of the course, passing your medical emergencies session and passing the test of knowledge assessment.

What is turas?

Turas is a modern and accessible digital platform developed by NHS Education for Scotland to support health and care professionals working in the public sector.

What is turas NHS?

Who can use turas?

Turas People is an application to support the lead employer model by enabling employment and trainee information to be easily shared between lead employers, placement Boards and doctors in training.

What is the purpose of turas?

TURAS allows learners to access a range of resources and applications from a single place with more applications planned. Most NHSScotland staff already have an account through Appraisal or professional portfolios but anyone can register.