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What is Novec 7100 used for?

What is Novec 7100 used for?

A clear, colorless and low-odor fluid intended to replace ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) and compounds with high global warming potential (GWP) in many applications.

Is Novec 7100 toxic?

Toxicity profile The toxicological testing completed to date on NOVEC™ 7100 fluid shows the material to be low in overall toxicity. It is practically non-irritating to the eyes, minimally irritating to the skin and is not mutagen, developmental toxin or cardiac sensitizer.

Is Novec 7100 flammable?

3M™ Novec™ 7100 Engineered Fluid is nonflammable and does not exhibit flammability characteristics under normal operating and storage conditions. This fluid is highly resistant to thermal breakdown and hydrolysis in storage and during use.

Can you drink Novec 7100?

Novec is not poisonous. You can drink it, but it won’t do nice things to your digestive tract.

When was Novec 7100 invented?

3) Nonflammable and low in toxicity: Novec fluids exhibit an optimized balance of performance, health, safety and environmental properties. In 1996, 3M introduced its first Novec fluid: 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid HFE-7100. It was mainly targeted for use in precision electronics and industri- al cleaning applications.

What is the difference between FM 200 and Novec 1230?

Environmental Impact According to the National Fire Protection Association, Novec™ 1230 has a GWP of 1 while FM-200™ has a GWP of 3350. This means Novec™ 1230 is the more environmentally-friendly choice.

What is hfe7100?

Product Information. 3M Novec 7100 Engineered Fluid, methoxy-nonafluorobutane (C4F9OCH3), is a clear, colourless andlow-odor fluid intended to replace ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) and compounds with high globalwarming potential (GWP) in many applications.

What does NOVEC stand for?

NOVEC stands for Nederlandse Opstelpunten voor Ethercommunicatie and is the largest operator of antenna towers for radio-communication in the Netherlands.

What type of gas is NOVEC?

Novec1230 gas is synthetic/chemical fire suppression gas/agent. Novec1230 is a waterless fire suppressant and extinguishes a fire by removing the free radicals or heat element of the fire triangle (Oxygen, Heat and Fuel). The concentration of Novec 1230 is typically between 5.3% to 5.6% of the room volume.

What is the difference between novec and FM-200?

The two types of systems differ when it comes to their impact on the environment. Both agents cause no ozone depletion, either. FM200 has a global warming potential of around 3500, while Novec 1230 has a global warming potential of 1, making it the environmentally-friendly choice.

What is 3M Novec made of?

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a clean agent fire extinguishant which was developed as a halon replacement and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative. It belongs to a family of chemicals called halocarbons, a group which includes HFCs and fluoroketones.